After all, fair is fair… Let’s see if you folks in the Southwest agree?

Get ready to move, all you folks in the Southwest!

Our president says Israel should give back the Golan Heights.  Let’s see, if I recall correctly Israel took this territory during the 6 day war, 60 or so years ago, when a handful of them kicked the butts of half the Arab world, after being attacked much as we were at Pearl Harbor.  And they kept it.  Why?  Well, it was not the age old right of the conqueror, but rather an act of self-preservation.  The Golan Heights oversaw Israel, and the borders come within 10 miles of some of the most sensitive military installations in the country.  Modern cannon fire, even the old 105MM howitzer, can reach 15 kilometers.  That’s 9.32 miles.  Newer artillery could pinpoint targets inside Israel.

But that’s okay with Obama.  Okay, to be fair, we want Israel to give back the Golan Heights, so I guess it wouldn’t be too much to ask for America to give Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, California, Utah, half of Colorado and a chunk of Oklahoma, Kansas and Wyoming, back to our neighbor to the south, Mexico…after all they were spoils of war only 160 or so years ago.

Fair’s fair, President Obama…of course you’ve demonstrated time and time again that fairness has no place in your administration.

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