Credit Where Credit Is Due!

The Buck Stops….

I continue to receive stuff on the web that says that Leon Panetta conceived and directed the raid on Osama’s lair without the president’s knowledge or approval.

Sorry, as much as I raise hell about his presidency, I don’t think the President of the United States of America spends most of his day on the basketball court.  You’ve heard me time and time again say the buck stops at the top, and I am not one to try and cloud the water.  Credit is due where credit is due, and as much as I’ve criticized Obama, and as much as I still believe many, if not most, of his policies are misguided, on this one he gets a gold star.

The other side of the coin is he really had little to lose.  Had half that SEAL team lost their lives, then he would still have been given credit for one hell of a try, had Osama not been in residence, and relatively innocent lives have been lost…well that’s the wages of war.  He still would have won my respect for following the lead of those who had expertise, and that’s what any leader should do.

All that said, my congratulations Mr. President.  It’s nice to see one in that office acting like one, and just as Bush 1 received my praise for following the good advice of his military leaders, so should you.

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