Don’t Be Fooled…

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Don’t be fooled by Obama’s refusal to approve the Keystone Pipeline.  He will do so, but not before he can make the utmost political hay from it.  Job’s be damned, political advantage is his objective.  He will approve it, before the November elections.  And he knows that the press will drown any objections with praise, praise, praise.  An example of their bias happens every day.  This morning on the news, rather than say Mitt made 22 million last year, they said he made 43 million in the last two years.  It’s a subtle way of making him look even more like a member of the “1%” than he already is.  They also pointed out that he gave 7 million in charity, but “most of it” to the Mormon church.  I would bet you a dime to a dozen donuts than none of those hypocritical newscasters gave anywhere near 10% of their income to any charity, church or otherwise.

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