From Jim Walker – Solyndra – Racketeering, corruption and theft at the highest level!

Read me at the Florida Times-Union or on the world wide net at the links below, or just read the text without pictures. Join me in calling for the impeachment of Obama and Biden for racketeering and theft of American Taxpayer money.


Solyndra – Racketeering, corruption and theft at the highest level!

There is no defense!

Three weeks after the George Bush Administration said NO to Solyndra, Barack Hussein Obama had the United States Taxpayer’ Loan Guarantee back on the front burner, and both he and Joe Biden were pressuring the GAO to move the deal along.

• GAO staff members were complaining about the rush to judgment

• Both Obama and Biden had already planned photo ops at Solyndra

• Stockholders of Solyndra were major campaign contributors to Obama

• These same Obama campaign contributing stockholders of Solyndra visited the White House personally many times during the period

• These same Obama campaign contributing stockholders came back to the White House this year and negotiated away the Taxpayer’s first right to assets if Solyndra filed bankruptcy, again with Obama and his people.

Everyone involved in these actions, actions that are truly racketeering in any sense of the word, were Obama people. They were all close to him, they were his appointments, and they were his own Sycophants. It is clear that he could not have been absent from these talks. He was part and parcel to the slimy deals that were clearly PAY FOR PLAY, with the president of the United States orchestrating the action.

Are you listening to the news this week? Democrats on the spot in this situation are already employing “the German defense tactic” when confronted with the facts of the “Holocaust” after World War II:

“We knew nothing about this, we were new on our job – these talks were initiated under George Bush!”


These are the things that happen when we elect “A MAN WHO WOULD BE KING” to be president of a representative republic. Where the sitting Congress refuses to do its job of advice, consent and oversight; where “A MAN WHO WOULD BE KING” is allowed to relentlessly rule by executive order and regulatory edits, using unelected people appointed during congressional recesses. These are the things that happen when you elect “A MAN WHO WOULD BE KING” without complete background checks, with questionable associations, without documentation of his achievements, without running as much as a lemonade stand.

Barack Hussein Obama is well aware that liberal America will not call him to task! He knows just as Johnny Cochran knew in the O.J. Simpson case that “if the glove does not fit, you can’t convict” It is for sure that just as the documentation of his life has never been found nor offered up, the proverbial glove will be hidden by him and his Sycophants, and it will need to be torn from them with force.

A couple of things are certain:

If he were George Bush, or any other Republican, impeachment proceedings would have been initiated last week by Maxine Waters, the Black Caucus and the mass of hysterical Liberals who rip off the American taxpayer daily.

The second thing that is as certain as death and taxes is that he, or Joe Biden, could not have been amongst all this activity concerning Solyndra in and out of the White House without being part of it.


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