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The quote from Barack Hussein Obama, Sr. is all you have to know about
our president. They are one and the same!

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Stupid is as stupid does: Barack Hussein Obama’s Tax Policy

Apologize for the length of this blog but when you get a chance to
lecture the President of the United States you have to make the most
of it.

Gonna show you this quote twice for reasons that should be obvious in

“Bring down all the rich guys by the power of the state, confiscate
their land, property, raise taxes as high as you want – 100% if
necessary, and obtain their wealth through fiat and legislative
piracy. The rationale is that the wealth is not rightfully theirs, in
the first place, but had been ripped off from the poor.”

Barack Hussein Obama, Sr. 1965 East African Journal

Just a question Barack Hussein Obama: When Sir, have you ever known a
poor person who signed a payroll check? So why do you want to take
money and incentive away from people that do?

Second question is your essay question: Explain to me why one of the
best collection years of all time for the IRS was 2005, after the Bush
Tax Cuts for what YOU call rich people? Is there not a clue in there
for a supposed educated man?

I ask these questions because for someone who is supposed to be so
brilliant, you act very uneducated, lacking in any historical
background of any kind, you seem angry at people of success and
ignoring the fact that they indeed worked hard for their money, and
YOU are very precipitous in your pronouncements, that more often than
not turn out to be untrue. Your comments on the surge in Iraq come to
mind. You know, that surge for which you later took credit! I am so
surprised that they don’t have deductive reasoning instruction at
either Columbia or Harvard where you were supposed to have graduated.
Oh yes, we are not sure of that as there are no public records as all
others have.

I hate to be so bold Barack Hussein, but really, you seem not that
educated at all. This opinion is made more plausible since we have no
records of your accomplishments as we did with George Bush, Bill
Clinton, and for God’s sakes, even John Kerry. It just makes sense to
doubt you. I mean really, let’s face it, John Kennedy, Ronald Reagan,
Bill Clinton and George Bush inherited recessions; Reagan’s was worse
than yours. They merely lowered taxes to everyone and poof, the
recession ended.

OK, I know you have no respect for Americans what-so-ever, and that
you don’t listen to anyone or read history. Oh wait, you read
history, but rewrite it the way you want it to read. Just like the
day you said America invented the Automobile.

Anyway let me give you some facts to digest. I know it will take some
time, as if you are a college graduate, no one really knows it. There
are no records.


1. You want the rich to pay more in taxes – Sir, the top 1.00%
($380,000 and above) now pay 38% of all federal income taxes. To you
that may be insignificant since you have always been a user and not a
producer in America, but I assure you it is not.
2. If you just merely confiscated all their income, that would amount
to $938 billion, merely a drop in the bucket of your $4 trillion White
House budget, your $1.65 trillion deficit, our $14 trillion debt, and
your spending at 25% as a share of the economy, a post-World War II
record. So much for your soaking the rich as nothing can overcome
3. The top 10% of Americans already pay 69% of all total income
4. The top 5% pay more than all of the other 95% of all taxpayers.

As a divorce court judge once asked my ex-wife on the occasion of her
taking me back to court for more money: “Mrs. Walker, what is it that
you want from Mr. Walker – his blood as well?”

Barack Hussein, let me tell you a few things. They only place that
you can possibly get the kind of taxpayer money to cover your
outrageous spending is from the middle class. Not a problem for you
as your administration has been one lie after the other. So what the
heck, go take it from them! It is clear you are going to have to do
that anyway; all the hardworking successful taxpayers taxed at 100% in
the United States cannot pay for your insanity.

Now, let’s talk about your biggest problem. Again this is a problem
you perpetuated and in fact have grown significantly. That problem is
that 47% of all Americans do not pay any taxes. And Barack Hussein,
that percentage is growing thanks to your pandering to the grievance-
victimization-entitlement crowd, failure to set standards for the
community you used to counsel as a community organizer (I guess the
only real job you ever had), and generally creating a class warfare
atmosphere in America.

As I stated earlier, at the beginning of this piece, I am reminded of
your father’s words way back in 1965 in east Africa. I believe they
are words that you are proud of; at least you said so in your book,
“Dreams of my Father”, and they are words you believe in as well.
Here they are again as published in an East African Journal:

“Bring down all the rich guys by the power of the state, confiscate
their land, property, raise taxes as high as you want – 100% if
necessary, and obtain their wealth through fiat and legislative
piracy. The rationale is that the wealth is not rightfully theirs, in
the first place, but had been ripped off from the poor.”

But as we see, taking everything from the rich won’t do it with your
spending habit.

But hey Barack Hussein, your game has always been to pretend not to
increase taxes for middle class voters, while looking for sneaky ways
to do it. Your phony “climate control regulation and revenues”, also
known as “cap and trade”, your talk about a value-added tax; these are
all taxes hidden from the people who pay it which are exactly what you
intend. Oh and as you mentioned last week there is also the
possibility of limiting tax deductions and other “loopholes,” such as
for mortgage interest payments.

You can sneak up on the middle class Barack Hussein. It is no problem
for you. After all, you really just want the extra money which, you
can tell people you will use to reduce the deficit, but in reality
will allow you, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid to spend for on lunacy.

I am sorry Barack Hussein if I seem presumptuous, but unlike you, I
have a complete record of birth, complete records of my schooling,
including college; complete records of my service in the military,
worked hard all my life and paid taxes and into social security since
I was 16 years old. I am an American and as I see it, the only
problem the American people have is users like you! Sorry.

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