From My Friend Jim Walker:

Barack Hussein will be making a “forced march” to get amnesty for

illegal aliens before the 2012 election and you can count on it.

You can read it at the Florida Times-Union below, Open Solon, or just read the text below.  Thanks.

Barack Hussein Obama:  The lies just go on and on!

You know what a lie is?

It is not just the obvious.  This week it is the fact that even though this country is stifled with incredible debt he created ($4 trillion in only two years), he flies to the Middle East and gives away $2 billion of United States Taxpayer money to what will be a country run by the Muslim Brotherhood (Egypt).   If he were to actually ask the 53% of Americans that actually pay taxes, most of us would say “hell no!” Don’t give them one red cent.  But he and his Pals lie to us and tell us it is “in our national interest”.

This is poppycock!

I find it difficult to believe that the Congress of the United States, those that are charged with protecting our interests, including how OUR TAXPAYER MONEY is spent, lets this phony continue to lie to us over and over.

Also now completely obvious is that the ObamaCare bill is a complete sham.  Backroom deals violating Taxpayer trust and wishes, stealing $105 billion of Taxpayer funds and hiding it in the bill to use as a Democrat’ slush fund, telling people nothing will change if they don’t want it to, and cutting $500 billion out of Medicare, but double counting it to make ObamaCare look to work.

I also find it difficult to believe that even the most liberal member of our Congress cannot see that the method used to put ObamaCare in place is no different that “racketeering”, a crime that is covered under federal laws.  Obama, Pelosi and Reid should be brought up on “racketeering” charges, the $500 billion restored to Medicare, and the $105 billion stolen from Taxpayers restored to the federal budget.

It is not over!

“The Great Prevaricator” is in trouble with an economy he is no way qualified to fix.  He can only make it worse with his Marxist philosophy that he got from his father. The people around him are mostly academic Marxist as well, so no one is going to insist he change.  All of his principles, if you can call them that, are job killers.  If he reads history, he ignores its lessons completely as there is plenty of evidence to refute his entire agenda.

His next move will be to create amnesty for “illegal aliens” (they are not undocumented workers – they are ILLEGAL ALIENS).  He will need an additional three to five million votes in 2012 and “illegal aliens” are automatic Democrat votes.  A quiet, contemplative, investigation of everything this phony has created will show that no one in presidential history has been more deceitful, and pushing through amnesty for “illegal aliens” in his mind will be a piece of cake.

Again I wonder if the Congress that we elected to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States (that means enforcing our laws) will do just that, or capitulate to “The Great Prevaricator” as they have been doing for over two years.

I predicted in my blogs over three years ago (many of them) that Barack Hussein Obama was not what he seemed to be.  That he would be a disaster. I said then that if given his way, he would destroy the best healthcare in the world for the benefit of 15% of the American population.  I predicted that the stimulus would only create federal and state workers who vote exclusively for Democrats.  I stated many times that his one act of apologizing to the world for America was treason and indicative of the fact that he is not truly American, or that he even likes us very much.

I stand by those thoughts and feelings.  Nothing he has done says otherwise.

I am predicting now that he will lead a “forced march” to create amnesty for “illegal aliens”.  He does not care what the Taxpayers of the United States want.  He cares not what the “will of the people” is – only he knows what is good for us.  It is that “hope and change” thing that is not working out so well.

Once again I leave you with the thoughts of Barack Hussein Obama’s hero in life: “Bring down all the rich guys by the power of the state, confiscate their land, property, raise taxes as high as you want – 100% if necessary, and obtain their wealth through fiat and legislative piracy. The rationale is that the wealth is not rightfully theirs, in the first place, but had been ripped off from the poor.” BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA, SR – 1965 EAST AFRICAN JOURNAL

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