Interesting Article on the so-called birth certificate….

As many of you may recall, 2 hours after the so-called birth certificate was put up on the White House webpage I tore it apart in Photoshop.  It was obviously a manufactured document, and phony as the proverbial 3 dollar bill.  Search this blog for the birth certificate and see the dozens of postings on the subject….  The article below is from Nick Chase.



The American Thinker by: Nick Chase Friday, June 15, 2012

An analyst took a line-by-line look at Obama’s birth certificate, publishing his findings on Friday, June 15. Photo Credit:AP

On May 22, the Hawaii Department of Health sent a “Verification of Birth” for Barack Obama to Ken Bennett, Arizona secretary of state … with sufficient information to allow the president’s name to be placed on the November 2012 ballot in Arizona. It provided enough additional information, I thought, to allow me to hone in on what might be on the genuine birth certificate that the public is not allowed to see. …

To help sort out what is known and what is unknown, I decided to break out the data on the birth certificate line by line for analysis. …

There are two possibilities: (1) there is no substantive difference in information between the forgery and the real birth certificate in the Hawaii Department of Health file cabinet, and the White House released the forgery to “screw with the birthers”; or (2) the scam is a wider conspiracy involving more people than just employees of the White House — likely including compromised Hawaii Department of Health employees — and we can’t be at all sure what really is on the genuine birth certificate.

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