interregnum \in-tuhr-REG-nuhm\, noun;
plural interregnums \-nuhmz\ or interregna \-nuh\:

1. The interval between two reigns; any period when a state is left without a ruler.
2. A period of freedom from authority or during which government functions are suspended.
3. Any breach of continuity in an order; a lapse or interval in a continuity.

Do you think maybe that’s what’s happening in America.  Are we in a “lapse or interval” in the continuity of the country?  Then again, maybe we have been so since the administration and the congress…and the court…stopped paying attention to the simple language of the Constitution.  For most of the last century and certainly for all of this one, the federal government has overstepped their bounds in regards to the 10th Amendment, to state’s rights.

There is no question in my mind that an administration who joins a foreign country in a lawsuit against a state, is in contravention of the Constitution.  Among other things, Arizona wants to establish citizenship before allowing a person to vote.  What a strange concept.  Do you get to vote in Zimbabwe?  Or Australia?  Or China?  On the guise of being overprotective, of not wanting a single citizen to not be able to cast his/her vote because he doesn’t have proof of citizenship, they risk having 20 million illegal aliens voting.  Could that be because the administration knows that the illegals, who are so fond of our Social Security handouts, or welfare handouts, or giveaways of all kinds, will vote with the “buy a vote” set, which is 99% Democratic?

The wording of the 10th Amendment is so simple, so straightforward, that it’s hard to believe it cannot, could not, be misinterpreted.

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

What is it about that very clear, very succinct statement that the present administration, congress, and judicial doesn’t understand?

Let’s hope this is merely an interregnum, a lapse in leadership, a lapse in reverence for the Constitution, the greatest governing document ever written, not a repudiation of it and all the founding fathers held dear and passed along to us.

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