It Pays to be Pearl…Ron Perelman, that is.

Wait and minute, aren’t you supposed to bid for government contracts?  Not in the Obama administration, and not if you’re a heavy duty Democratic campaign contributor.  Wow, wouldn’t it be nice to put any price you want on your product since there’s no bidding…maybe 85 times more than the competition…but then there is no competition if you’re the only bidder.

The Obama bunch has worked hard to buy an experimental drug to cure smallpox (I thought it was cured long ago), and why?  Because the company selling is owned by billionaire Ron Perelman, huge Demo party contributor.

Siga Technologies is the company, and Ron Perelman is the controlling stockholder.  Does that stink of fraud or is it just me, but then it’s happened so many times in this administration I guess the country is used to it.  See George Soros and the ten billion loaned to his Brazilian Oil Company.

Oh, and not that it matters to this administration but Siga’s drug costs 85 times the cost of the existing vaccine…and, another small thing, it only works within four days of exposure.

The American people should be vaccinated…for stupidity…for putting up with this administration.

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