It’s Time We Found Out Who Our President Is?

In the original draft of the Star Wars screenplay, Lucas Skywalker was Lucas Skykiller.  Changing the name of a fictional character in a fictional story is innocuous.  A name that appeals to the viewing public is selected.  The reason for the change is purely economic.  Which character name will appeal most to those who’ll be buying tickets.

Then there was the boxer, Cassius Clay, who changed his name for religious reasons, to a Muslim name, Muhammad Ali, and said in addition to the religious motivation that Clay was a slave name that had belonged to a former owner of his family, and he wanted nothing to do with that name.

There there was Barry Soetoro.  What could his motivation have been for changing his name?  He was born to mother Stanley Ann Durham and Barack Obama Sr., Muslim of the Luo tribe from Nyang’oma Kogelo, Nyanza Province, Kenya.  Stanley later married Indonesian Lolo Soetoro, and the family moved to Jakarta, Indonesia.  Indonesia, with 12.7% of the world’s huge Muslim population, with 215 million Muslims, the largest Muslim population of any country in the world.  Pakistan, No. 2, is not even close with 160 million Muslims.

Did Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Hussein Obama have motivation to claim himself a Christian?  Had he claimed (admitted?) himself a Muslim so soon after 9/11 would he have been elected?  I think he would have claimed himself a Martian, or Luke Skywalker,  had he thought his election chances better.  And we (at least some of us) probably would have bought into it.

Skykiller to Skywalker…economic.  Clay to Ali…religious.  Soetoro to Obama?  Did he merely want to honor his father, or his religion?  Or sound more foreign in order to attend Occidental College with a fraudulent grant or scholarship as a foreign student…an economic motivation, or a fact? Maybe he didn’t lie, maybe he considered himself a foreign student? Either way, it’s a lie, then or now, to the American people just as it was a lie to Occidental.

Is it any wonder Barack Hussein Obama bows to the Saudi King, the titular head of the Muslim religion? Do you find that innocuous?  I don’t. I find it downright dangerous.

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