Michelle, My Belle…and her senior staff.

Way back in October the Washington Examiner reported that it cost taxpayers about a half million to send Michelle and her daughters on a trip to Africa.  Those costs were listed as $424,142.00 for the Air Force C-32 (a modified Boeing 757), and another $928.44 for the 192 meals for the 21 folks who made the trip:  the two daughters (listed as senior staff), Michelle’s mother, niece, nephew, her hairstylist and make up artists (how much make up does this woman need?).


The trip was supposedly to make a few speeches, however they managed to fit in a safari.

The Judicial Watch documents don’t mention expenses for security, ground transport, etc., etc.

How many Secret Service offices do you suppose were assigned to guard the first lady and the president’s two daughters?  I’d guess a minimum of a dozen (but probably two dozen).  How did they get to Africa?  I guarantee the majority of them flew on a separate airplane.  Did they transport a vehicle, or four vehicles, which is more likely.  So most likely two more airplanes were involved.

A half million wouldn’t begin to touch the cost of this trip.  I don’t think a million and a half would begin to touch it, if you considered all costs, including those of our embassy or embassies preparing for the visit.

But that’s okay, had she been home she’d have been ordering $500.00 dollar lunches at the Waldorf, including $150.00 of Iranian Caviar…and at least while in Africa she wasn’t contributing to the Iranian economy…but then I haven’t seen her lunch tabs while there.

And I wonder…how many multi-million dollar vacations will she take before she’s proud of her country?


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