Obama Ethics 101

So let me get this straight…..

1. If a Navy Seal slaps a High Value Target, he should be prosecuted.

2. If a Navy Seal kills a High Value Target, he should be decorated.

3. Seal Team Six under Cheney were a ring of assassins.

4. Seal Team Six under Obama are a band of brothers.

5. Osama bin Laden was not a Muslim, because he murdered Muslims.

6. Osama bin Laden was a Muslim deserving a proper Muslim burial.

7. It is heroic to kill a terrorist.

8. It is immoral to waterboard a terrorist.

9. Placing a Koran in a toilet is a Hate Crime.

10. Placing a crucifix in a jar of urine is conceptual art.

11. Freedom of Speech is our most cherished value, never to be restrained.

12. Hate Speech is our greatest crime, always to be punished.

I have now passed Modern Ethics 911, as taught by Professor Obama

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