Obama’s Birthday Bash

The great protector of the middle class had his normal humble celebration, this time celebrating the fact he’s the 7th president to turn 50 while in the White House.  Okay, the middle class?  I  don’t know about your place in the middle class, but if I was really up for it, my wife and I might pony up with $100 for a so-called birthday celebration that was really a political fund raiser.  When it comes to Obama that would have gotten us a seat in the back row of an auditorium in Tucumcari, NM, to watch the party on a big screen.  Obama’s version of the middle class is Tom Hanks, Chris Rock, Jay-Z, Charles Barkley, and Oprah’s best friend Gayle King…and the list of multi-millionaires and billionaires goes on and on.  I wonder how honky Hanks got in the door?  He must have had to pay extra, probably twice what the others paid.

In the same press release the Obama administration says that supporters paid up to $38,500 to “join” the president at his 50th birthday bash, then in almost the same breath an administration official said “the Obamas would foot the bill for the celebrations.”  No wonder it was hot dogs on the menu.  You don’t think they would part with any of the millions they dragged in.

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