Railroaded again?

Have we been railroaded again by the presidential power and the presidential machine?

Strangely enough, I searched the web for the last name Malihi and found no association with a country of origin.  I searched the “foreign” sounding first names of others on the web with the last name Malihi, and found most of them to be Hebrew.  That said, I don’t know enough about Iran to know if many names there have a Hebrew origin even if Muslim (even though I roomed with an Iranian in college).

From the Patriot Update….

Immediately after the hearing in Georgia where Judge Michael Malihi ruled against the Plaintiffs in the case regarding Obama’s eligibility to be on the 2012 presidential ballot, it floated around that Malihi was an Iranian Muslim. So, once this was stated some research was conducted to find out all that could be found about this Judge.  The questions were “Is his ancestry really Iranian?”  “Is his faith really Muslim?”  “If so, did either of these things play a role in his decision to side with Obama in the Georgia eligibility hearing?”

So here is the information which details all that is available; just know there is precious little.

Today, Judge Malihi is the Deputy Chief Judge for the Georgia Office of State Administrative Hearings.  He was appointed Judge in 1995.  If you go to the official website for his office, what you don’t find may be more interesting than what you do find.  On the OSAH website there is a page which lists bios for all the judges, including Malihi.  Clicking on the Malihi link all that was listed for him was this:

Deputy Chief Judge Michael Malihi
Appointed Judge 1995


Valerie Ruff
Case Management Assistant
Tel: (404) 651-7595
Fax: (404) 818-3751

That is it!  If you click on the links for all the other judges listed, you will find a brief bio telling of where the particular judge was born, where they went to school, etc.  But for Malihi?  Nada! Zip!  Niente!  Bupkis!  Nothing!




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