Some Respect For The Office, Please!

Respect For The Office?

by L. J. Martin


Yeah, Ricky Martin is cute and a great singer, and now he’s thrilled, as another gay blade entertainer, to have been endorsed, in mass with the other gay blades, by the president of the U.S.A.  I’m sure John Travolta will soon be invited to a white house supper, or maybe Ricky invited him to join himself and a few dozen intimate friends to sup with Obama, for a mere $35,000 a ticket.  I wonder if the tip is included?  I’ll bet the Secret Service has to station a man in the men’s restroom at all these gay bashes the president attends in order to move the boys along—these particular attendees have a tendency to dilly dally in the boys room—and make sure the president has an audience for his talk.  Don’t ask me to define dilly dally as I prefer to leave it up to your imagination.

I don’t dislike people because of their sexual orientation, and have long thought that what they do in the privacy of their own home is their business, and have done lots of biz with gays.  I respect their talent, but also inform them that if they put a hand on my thigh they’ll be visiting one of those very expensive Hollywood plastic surgeons and/or dentists, and, if on the thigh of one of my sons, when they were younger,  the gay blades wouldn’t have to worry about being rebuilt as it would be an impossible job.  I don’t flaunt my heterosexuality, other than constantly proclaiming how much I love and appreciate my beautiful wife, and don’t appreciate gays flaunting their orientation, nor do I expect them to receive special privilege because of their minority status.  Is marriage “special privilege?”  You bet it is, in my opinion.  So, gay friends, get on with your life as a productive citizen and keep your quirks to yourself…and don’t ask me to be an usher in your wedding even though it’s now endorsed by Obama.  And enjoy your fifteen minutes of fame in the glare of the president’s admiration.

Gay marriage may soon be elevated far above that of the rest of us as the most prominent and powerful black Congressman has proclaimed that Obama hasn’t gone far enough…now he should “enshrine” gay marriage. I don’t know what that means exactly, except I must presume it means the government should now pay for gay marriage, or at least the reception, as the government now pays for almost everything else.  Or most—not all, but most—black Congressmen and women think it should.

Travolta couldn’t contain himself after obviously becoming sexually aroused by Obama’s endorsement of gay marriage and made a pass at a handsome black back-rubber at some hotel. “Rub my gluts, big boy, rub my gluts.”  He’s now banned from the place.  I’ve long heard the rumors about Travolta, even though he seems happily married with children, his rep in Hollywierd is as the queen of Hollywood and Vine…I mean a flat out skippy who makes no effort to hide the fact when on his home ground.  I have lots of relatives and friends in, or who have been in, the biz in that town, and they talk—my son is still a member of a Hollywood biz union—so yes, it’s hearsay, but first hand hearsay from folks I trust.

There is no question in my mind that Obama is pandering to the gays.  In fact he’s pandering to Hollywood and the gays so much I wonder when he has time to get anything else done…come to think of it, I hope he doesn’t have time to get anything else done if what he has done is any example of what he would do if he had more time.  I have only one suggestion for him, Mr. President, wear a pink tie, in fact it looks good on you.  But don’t get caught grabbing one of the gay blades by the thigh, or patting one on the gluts, even if the pat is a long basketball tradition.

Let’s try and keep some respect for the office of the presidency.

L. J. Martin is the author of the conservative blog and of 30 book length works and many articles in national publications.  For more see and



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