Rock Their World…. Egypt!

The USS Ronald Reagan….Why Isn’t She Off the Coast of Egypt?


When Did America Get Leg’s of Clay?

Instead of saying “All Aid to Egypt is cancelled NOW!”  The Obama administration said “if you are bad boys we may stop the 1.8 billion dollars we give you every year.”  What we should be saying is “if you want 1.8 billion from America you’re gonna get it, Egypt, in the form of bombs and rockets.”  What would Teddy Roosevelt be saying to Egypt who’s now holding 19 American citizens for the crime of working for human rights organizations?

Do you understand the difference?  Cowering in fear only antagonizes a bully.  Obama obviously doesn’t get it.  Here’s a guy who says he came from the streets of Chicago, but he sure doesn’t act like it.  On a Chicago street, if a guy slaps you across the mug, do you say “you’re a bad boy?”  Or do you place one with all the force you can muster on his jaw, and hope to drop him?  And even if you don’t drop him, the “bully” rule that any playground kid knows is “if it hurts him when he does it, he’ll stop doing it.”  Now let’s think about this in terms of common sense:  We give Egypt 1.8 billion a year, they spit in our face.  Even our government should be able to figure this one out.

The U.S.A. should have a carrier three miles off the Egyptian coast and be overflying Cairo hourly with no less than sonic booms rocking their capitol reminding Egypt who they’re messing with, instead we are handing Egypt our wallet and saying please don’t be mean to us.

As I predicted long ago, we are now just beginning to feel the thorns growing as a result of that wonderful lie, the Arab Spring.  This is the result of trying to buy friends.

This from Bridges For Peace:

In a sharp rebuke to the United States, 19 American citizens who work for human rights and pro-democracy Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in Egypt will face criminal charges of using foreign funds to foment unrest.

Word that the criminal prosecutions will proceed comes after the US made it clear that Egypt could lose [US] $1.8 billion in military aid it stands to receive from Washington this year unless the NGO workers are freed. Tension over the issue escalated rapidly after Americans were detained at Cairo’s airport as they tried to leave Egypt. Among them was the son of US Labor Secretary Ray LaHood. No date has been set for the trial.

Offices of more than a dozen of the NGOs were raided by heavily armed police last month. Afterward, some trying to flee Egypt fearing that arrest would follow were stopped at the airport.

End of Article

It’s time we stopped borrowing money from China in order to give it to Egypt and other countries who hate us. Or even to those who love us…however I can’t think of any.  It’s time we turned inward and began taking care of ourselves and worrying about our children and grandchildren, and theirs.  YOU CAN’T BUY FRIENDS.  Egypt proves it again.

Egypt is not our friend.

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