Shake Your Neighbor’s Hand (but Obama crosses his fingers behind his back).

We’ve alienated Israel (see by divulging secrets to their worst enemy, now it’s time to piss off our closest neighbor and ally.  By the time Obama gets through with this term, and pray to God he doesn’t get another, we’ll not have a friend left on earth…except maybe the Muslim oil producing countries, if you can call a “bought” friend a friend.  Let’s see, Canada, with our longest common border and the least protected, has long been our closest friend and ally, fighting beside us, trading freely, so why not piss down their necks and tell them it’s raining…that’s the Obama way.

This from Cowboy Byte:

Canadian PM Blasts Obama on Keystone: The U.S. Is an Unreliable Energy Partner

President Barack Obama’s rejection of the Keystone XL pipeline taught Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper one thing: it’s time Canada expand its list of oil buyers.

In an interview with the Canadian Wilson Centre think tank, the Prime Minister said the pipeline’s rejection — even if only temporary — was enough to underscore the need to find other buyers for oil sands crude.

Look, the very fact that a ‘no’ could even be said underscores to our country that we must diversify our energy export markets,” Harper said. “We cannot be, as a country, in a situation where our one and, in many cases, only energy partner could say no to our energy products. We just cannot be in that position.”

The Prime Minister also mentioned that Canada has been selling oil to the United States at a discounted price. But now that the Great White North is expanding its oil export market, that discount will probably disappear.

Get that? The U.S. will not only have less access to expanding Canadian oil but it will also have to pay more for it because the market for oil sands crude is (and therefore more competitive).

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