Solyndra…Go To Jail And Don’t Pass Go!

Solyndra, Inc. Go To Jail and Don’t Pass Go!

Obama said Solyndra would create 1,000 jobs. Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt and say it did so from September 2009 to the date it filed bankruptcy, September 2001. Approximately 2 years, or 24 months. The loan guarantee by the Department of Energy was for 535 million dollars. Simple math tells you that’s 24,000 man/months of work for 535 million. So, yes, Mr. President you created 24,000 months of work for 535 million dollars. That’s $22,291.67 per month for each employee. $22,291.67 to create jobs that probably averaged $3,500.00 a month if you don’t consider the obscene salaries of management.  What a deal! You’re a real job creator.

I don’t know about you, but I would have worked for half that.

Okay, so far, Mr. President, you’re only guilty of stupidity. Of course with appointees and a Cabinet, only 8% of whom have any business experience, we shouldn’t be surprised when your “change” is wrought with ineptitude. But even ineptitude is not criminal.

However…now, to add insult to injury, and criminality to ineptitude, Mr. President, you’ve made sure your “buddies” didn’t take any loss on the deal. When Argonaut Ventures and Madrone Partners stepped up and loaned Solyndra another 69 milllion bucks they did so, knowingly, in a secondary position, behind the American taxpayer. But it pays to be friends with a Chicago politician, as you decided to let the American taxpayer take it in the shorts and change the deal when it became obvious that Solyndra (a contributor of a half million to Obama) was circling the drain. When Mr. George Kaiser, Argonaut, visited you frequently in the White House, I’m sure you said, “Oh, well, the American taxpayers are so used to getting it in the backside from my administration they won’t notice another lousy 535 mil. Let’s have a beer, George.” And over that beer, assured your good buddy, “So if there are any assets left, why don’t you guys who’ve contributed to my campaign go ahead and take them. What are friends for? Joe Dork out there on the street won’t notice.”

Do you know what the crime of “conversion” is? This from Wikipedia:

Conversion is a common law tort. A conversion is a voluntary act by one person inconsistent with the ownership rights of another.[1] It is a tort of strict liability.[2] Its criminal counterpart is theft.

All of you folks who voted for President Obama, and all the rest of us, have been subordinated, in this case, criminally so. They forgot to ask your permission, and that’s conversion.

You, Mr. President, and everyone involved in the restructuring of the Solyndra loan are guilty of conversion, and should be prosecuted. Of course you’ve done so much to controvert, contradict, and dismember the Constitution and the laws of this land, none of we poor reamed taxpayers will be surprised when you ride off into the sunset with a ten million dollar book deal, a dozen secret service agents to watch over you, and a spot on the boards of two dozen corporations each paying a half million a year.

It seems that’s the American way.

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