The Man With Two Mouths…President Obama

Eloquent as usual, impeccably dressed, Barack Hussein Obama addressed the nation on the issue of his birth certificate.  Not once did he say “it’s my fault.”  But in fact it is, and was, his fault.  He speaks beautifully, like a man without blame.  Sorry, Hussein, not true.

“When a man assumes a public trust he should consider himself a public property.” Thomas Jefferson

Wasn’t there something in that oath for office that said, “preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution?

He blamed the hoopla for distracting the nation from it’s business.  He called those who wanted to make sure the constitution was still the law of the land “carnival barkers.”  John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and all the founding fathers would have said, “yes, please prove it.”  John and Thomas, you’re carnival barkers.  Ask Barrack.  He said the business of the country is above and beyond complying with the Constitution…or at least that was what he inferred.  Sorry, Mr. President, it’s known as the “law of the land” and let’s hope you pay attention thereto.

Well, Mr. President, you’ve had two years to put an end to the “hoopla.”  Why didn’t you do so during your run for the White House?  You could have easily stopped all the “distraction.”

Yes, I’m interested in having experts verify the document.  I’m interested in reading it myself.

Now, how about those university records?

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