The “Real” Obama Plan

The Obama Plan

He’s Talking Out of Both Mouths Again


$175 billion – An extension of the payroll tax credit from this year with an additional cut.

$70 billion – A payroll tax cut for employers.

$62 billion – An extension of unemployment benefits for another year.

$50 billion – More funding for shovel-ready infrastructure spending.

$10 billion – An infrastructure bank (for road construction).

$83 billion – Incentivizing mall business including tax credits for hiring the unemployed.

Almost any tax cut is good.  That said, what’s a tax cut good for if a spending cut does not accompany it?

Nowhere in the Obama plan was there a mention of a spending cut.  Nowhere in the plan did he say “We’re going to cut the size of government.”  So, cutting taxes without cutting spending is digging your own grave deeper and deeper.

At the same time Obama was planning how to present his “save America” speech to Congress, his Justice Department was raiding Gibson Guitar factories in Memphis and Nashville and costing that company more than one million bucks in profits while claiming they were violating “Indian law,” (the original India), by importing ebony and rosewood fingerboards that were not 100% manufactured in India.

Obama’s Justice Department is not criminalizing the import of rosewood and ebony, rather the manufacturing process that is being completed here, in America.

Interestingly, India says it’s perfectly legal under Indian law to export the fingerboards as they are.

So, what’s the beef?  The problem is Henry Juszkiewicz is a big contributor to Republican candidates, and Gipson is non-union.  It’s interesting to note that the other large guitar manufacturers in America import the same fingerboards, however they are union shops, and big supporters of Obama.

Again Obama and his Justice Department are talking out of both sides of their Democratic mouths.

Employees at Gipson were threatened with 5 years in jail for this heinous crime after agents from U. S. Fish and Wildlife and Homeland Security charged in with automatic weapons in hand.

While Obama stands in front of Congress and America and spouts off about creating more jobs, he’s actually creating more debt and driving American jobs overseas.  Gipson will have to fire 40 employees to keep the hobnail boots out of their halls and shops…but that’s okay, the Indians will be glad to see more American money, and jobs, exported to their country.

Keep it up Obama and Holder, and Gipson will move it’s factory (one of the few left in America) to China, where you’ve driven so many other American manufacturing jobs.

It seems that’s the real “Obama plan.”

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