Two Brave, Beautiful, Ladies

Two Brave Women

Lara Logan and Stacy Dash, both of whom stood up for their rights to celebrate being American and believing in what and whom they so desire.

Logan, a journalist and member of the 60 Minute reporting team, spoke to the Better Government Association annual luncheon, and refuted the administration’s claim that the Taliban and al Q;aeda was defeated.  Logan, a South African by birth, is a straight talking lady who won’t be kowtowed by her bosses and associates, and says it like she sees it.  The media needs more of her ilk.  She, if you may remember, was assaulted, beaten, and sexually assaulted by a mob during Egypt’s so called Arab Spring protests.  To quote Laura: “There is this narrative coming out of Washington for the last two years,” Logan began. It is driven in part by “Taliban apologists,“ who claim ”they are just the poor moderate, gentler, kinder Taliban. It’s such nonsense!”

Stacey Dash, a beautiful Hollywood actress, who also happens to be black, endorsed Mitt Romney…an act certainly against the tide in a town of lemmings where money flows much too easily and lots of part-time workers make a good living in the “arts.”  Stacy is getting flak from all sides of the liberal left-leaning gaggle of Hollywierd.  Good for you, Stacey.  I hope some of the few successful producers who understand how this great country, this great free enterprise society, of ours was built, come of hiding and hire, hire, hire you.

Two ladies, not only beautiful and intelligent, but brave.  Men, you should follow their lead.



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