Why Doesn’t He Just Produce His Birth Certificate? I Have To From Time To Time….

Hawaii elections clerk: Obama ‘caught fibbing’

Written by CAA National on April 07, 2011, 06:00 PM


The former Hawaii elections official who maintains there’s no long-form birth certificate for Barack Obama in the Aloha State is now saying the president and his aides have been “caught fibbing” about Obama’s background, and the “embarrassing” situation is making it difficult to fess up to the truth.

Tim Adams, who was senior elections clerk for the city and county of Honolulu during the 2008 campaign, made the statements in a two-hour interview with a group looking to disprove claims made by so-called birthers, those challenging Obama’s legal qualification to be president.

“I think people believe there’s been some kind of cover-up. And I don’t think it’s some big nefarious conspiracy. I think it’s politics as usual,” Adams said March 31 on Reality Check Radio, an Internet program on BlogTalkRadio.

“Barack Obama’s official autobiography was put out to the public for the public’s consumption and we all know politicians – they have a public persona, it’s created for consumption by the electorate – and I think that they’ve been caught fibbing, and it’s embarrassing.”

But Adams, who described himself as “pretty much a liberal” who backed Hillary Clinton in the campaign, thinks the president should produce a long-form birth certificate if he has one, even if it contains information that does not go along with the narrative proffered so far by Obama and his surrogates.

“I think as much trauma as all this has caused,” Adams said, “I think if Barack Obama has lied about where he was born or if there’s something about his birth that he doesn’t want people to publicly know, if he would come out and simply say something like that, I think most people would go, ‘Oh, OK,’ and they would go on about their business ’cause they’ve got a thousand more important things to do.”

Adams burst onto the national scene last June after claiming his superiors at the elections office in Honolulu checked with the state health department and local hospitals, only to find out that none had Obama’s long-form birth certificate, a document specifying the hospital where he was born and the attending physician

While not having access to Hawaii Department of Health birth records, Adams says his office had access to numerous databases to verify people’s identities, including the Social Security database, driver’s licenses, passports, tax and banking records, police files and the national crime computer.

He said elections officials themselves have been embarrassed by the disclosure about accessing criminal records, saying, “They were not happy about it when they found out about it.”

He has since signed an affidavit swearing to his allegations.

As the controversy over eligibility has resurfaced recently with billionaire developer and potential Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump suggesting Obama’s presidency could be illegal, Adams is not expecting the commander in chief to be removed from office.

“That gets into the extremist fantasies that somehow they’re going to frog-march Barack Obama out of the White House – it’s never going to happen,” said Adams

“Barack Obama was given permission to run for office. Barack Obama won the election. He is the president of the United States. The more extremist people out there try to, you know, bring up this issue that he’s not legitimately president. It doesn’t hold water. You can’t say, once you give the man permission to run, and he wins the election, that he’s not president. It’s not going to happen.”

At one point in the interview, one of the questioners, who ironically never provided his real name and only went by an alias, challenged Adams about the “short-form” birth certificate, also known as a certification of live birth, or COLB, that has been displayed on the Internet.

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