A time to reflect….

It’s time to reflect on what July 4th means to us…as a country, as a people, and to each of us as an individual.  A time to think back on what was sacrificed; what was created over two hundred years ago so we could enjoy the freedom and prosperity of this great country.  A time to remember the sacrifice of life and limb in every defense of liberty since.

Thank you all, God bless all those who gave to protect our way of life.

I, for one, promise to do everything in my power, to give everything I own and value, to protect what you’ve given.

God bless America, God bless and protect America and Americans.

Let us continue to be the light, the shining city on the hill, for all the world.

Let us use the system you bequeathed us to return this country to the path our forefather’s provided and that you maintained.

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