Four Police Officers Who Need Your Help…. It’s Pay Back Time From All Of You Who’ve Been Helped By Cops!

Another appeal for help. I don’t know how many of you out there have done a ride along with a police officer. I have, and I can tell you it’s a tough, tough job. The appeal below comes from four police officers who were merely trying to do their job, and now have the full force of the federal government coming down on them. I’m appalled, and hope you are as well.

Could it be we have another case of Justice Department prejudice? Only this time against “white” cops. They want to prosecute these guys and don’t bother to prosecute the Acorn a-holes who kept people away from the poles. STAND UP AMERICA.

This from Vision to America:

Four of our nation’s finest police officers are in critical need of your support. We are asking for your service on a special “citizen’s jury”.

Sergeant Michael Manfredi, and Officers Paul Van Dalen, Christopher Coleman and Sean Plymale of Fresno California are currently in danger of serving a sentence for a crime that they did not commit.

They face a nine count federal indictment for violating the “civil rights” of a man they were called to arrest. (An illegal alien who was later convicted of violent felony charges for his actions.)

If convicted of these unjust charges, these four fine men could be sentenced to ten long years in federal prison.

Together, these men have served and protected their community of Fresno, California with exceptional service.

Here are the facts for your thoughtful consideration:

Five years ago, on October 15, 2005, the four policemen responded separately to a desperate call from a young single mother. She reported that her former boyfriend was attempting to break into her home through her window. It was his second hostile visit of the day.

This man’s name was Rolando Celdon, an illegal alien.

He announced that he was there to kill them.

When Celdon realized he would not be able to enter the home and that police were on their way, he fled the scene. In response to the young mother’s desperate plea, the dispatcher issued a high priority call for help.

The first to see Celdon was Officer Sean Plymale. He released his K-9 companion, Tymo, in order to chase him down and apprehend the suspect. However, the strong, drug-induced suspect was hardly slowed by the K-9. Though Tymo had a firm grip on the suspect, he was still able to climb a fence to escape; while the dog was unrelenting in its grip.

Once across the fence, Officer Coleman, who had now arrived on the scene, noticed that Celdon had injured Tymo and was now free again.

Celdon then refused orders from Officer Coleman to surrender, and appeared ready to draw a weapon. The Officer then applied a taser to the suspect, but even this did not seem to work.

By this time, Officer Van Dalen had arrived and at the request of his fellow officers, drew from his squad cars non-lethal “bean bag” shotgun. ( A “bean bag” gun inflicts temporary pain to subdue a suspect but generally leaves no permanent injury.)

Officer Coleman then retrieved the “bean bag” gun and repeatedly ordered Celdon to raise his hands. Speaking in English and Spanish, the Officer attempted to communicate with the suspect.

Celdon refused to comply with Officer Coleman’s orders and positioned his hands as if ready to retrieve a knife or a gun. Given that only minutes earlier the suspect had threatened to kill his former girlfriend and her children, Coleman discharged the non-lethal weapon striking Celdon and driving him to the ground where the arrest was finally made.

Sergant Manfredi was the last Officer on the scene. He inspected the scene and observed that in addition to the dog being injured, Officer Plymale had injured his hand and the suspect had minimal dog bite wounds and bruises.

A standard departmental review of the incident revealed that in the rush to complete paperwork, Sergeant Manfredi had not completed all of the documentation accurately, but that in general, the men had used the proper level of force for dealing with a presumably drug-crazed and violent suspect.

Although Coleman, Plymale and Manfredi were originally fired for their actions, a subsequent full examination of the concrete facts resulted in reinstatement and collection of back pay.

Remember, this event took place in October, 2005.

It took federal authorities over four years before they took action against the Officers.

In October 2010, the Justice Department brought Federal Charges against these men for the violation of civil rights of a convicted drug offender and illegal alien.

Once again, politically motivated prosecutors saw a chance to score a victory. Victory at the cost of four officers, that now, each faces a decade in prison.

Truthfully, there is no other reason for this prosecution to take place.

As a member of the citizen’s jury, you can decide.

Were these actions just? Were these Officers right to use a non-lethal weapon in an effort to arrest a suspect who was high on drugs and threatening to harm a young mother and her children?

Celdon, an illegal alien, was refusing to obey any orders given by the Officers to surrender. He also showed an extreme amount of strength by pulling the dog, Tymo, over the fence with him and injuring Tymo in the process.

The events that took place on this day occurred in only a matter of minutes. Officers Plymale, Coleman, and Van Dalen and Sergeant Manfredi were forced to make split- second decisions based on their training as police officers.

Celdon had threatened to kill a young mother and her terrified children.

Celdon had fled the scene and repeatedly refused to surrender.

Celdon’s injuries were minimal and not permanent.

The four Officers main concern was the safety of the young mother and her children. They put their own lives at risk in order to protect them and did so by restricting their own use of force to non-lethal means.

Though we do not fully understand the motivation of the prosecution, we do know that the California-based review of this case cleared the good names of the officers.

Yet, these brave officers now face a ten year sentence in federal prison.

Is this what we call justice?

Now you are a member of the jury.

How do you vote: Guilty? Not-Guilty?

If you agree that the facts support a non-guilty verdict, I ask you to please vote in favor of these four courageous Officers by helping LELDF help them!

Your support is greatly appreciated.

Unfortunately, the Justice Department will have the full financial resources of the federal government to prosecute the “Fresno Four”. They will use their media machine to warp public opinion against the accused men.

The time to act is now.

The beginning of the case is the most effective time to respond with best legal talent available. We do not want these Officers to be forced into a plea bargain and let the Justice Department think that our Officers can be pushed around.

This is why I ask for your support of the tremendous legal effort we face.

Will you help me rescue these men from 10 or more years in federal prison with a tax-deductible contribution of $100 or even $150?

The mission of LELDF is to obtain justice for the wrongfully accused. With your support and generous contribution, we can make this possible for these four fine police officers.

Their continued and loyal service to the community of Fresno California should be not be rewarded by a ten year federal prison sentence. They were performing their job to the best of their ability, the way they were taught how.

These Officers have put their own lives on the line in order to protect the public and do not deserve to be threatened with hard prison time.

Expenses for this case will likely exceed $100,000 for each officer.

Your critical investment now of $100 or more will assure that we have the necessary resources to fight for justice for these brave men.

Sergeant Michael Manfredi, and Officers Paul Van Dalen, Christopher Coleman and Sean Plymale—and their families—are counting on us. Thank you for all of your support.


Dave Martin
Chairman LELDF

9 Responses to “Four Police Officers Who Need Your Help…. It’s Pay Back Time From All Of You Who’ve Been Helped By Cops!”

  • Laurence Almand:

    This is yet another example of why there is so much crime in our society: because the government will not back up police officers. These officers were doing their job as they had been trained, yet they are being unjustly persecuted. Obama wants the Hispanic/immigrant vote, so you can be sure he will milk as much publicity out of this incident as he can. And just what was that illegal criminal doing in the US in the first place? Whose side are Obama and Holder on, the citizens or the criminals?

  • Richard Parsons:

    Four white cops are going through a very similar situation in Santa Fe New Mexico. All due to corrupt city officials inlluding the mayor, city manager & city attorney. Now the new chief of police is their hatchet man. If interested email me & I will give you more details,, including the attorney’s name that is representing the four officers. Keep in mind Santa Fe New Mexico is a known sanctuary city for illegal aliens. It appears that someone is focusing on taking out good (white} cops & good judges.

    • Paul Elam:

      From what i read of this incident, makes my stomach turn, and is a reson i opted to retired from law enforcement of my own will. I am a retired police officer with 15 years of experience. I know first hand how the politics and bs can ruin an good cops career and name. I feel for these officers and their families. I agree there are some officers out there that need to be looked at, and those are the officers that seem to always slip through the cracks and make the rest of the officers (that live breath and honeslty love what they do and do it well) look bad. tell those boy to stand tall and fight till the end. I just hope they (politicians) havent already sealed the fate of these officers. Like i have seen happen in the past first hand….. good luck to you my brothers, stay true blue. God Bless you and your families.

    • Bonnie:

      I’d like more information on this, Rick.

      I think what the government. and in particular, this regime is doing to garner votes is beyond appalling. I smell treasonous actions, but no one with any horsepower seems to want to do anything about it. This country is going to hell in a hand basket, and the sheeple just keep on letting it happen. I’m thinking about moving to another country.

  • Lisa:

    I just received Rachel Plymale’s letter. I will definately send her a donation to help. I also put this and other articles on my Facebook. Why is there nothing on Facebook to further your cause.? I will keep reposting to help out! thank you

  • Lisa Christensen:

    I went on two ride alongs with Sean Plymale, and he so inpsired me that I later joined the police night academy in 2008. Sean is an excellant cop and a wonderful person. I have friends that speak highly of the other officers involved in this situation too. I do not know them personally but my heart goes out to all of them and their families. Anything I can do to help, I want to do. My prayers are with them all.

  • Roger Dane:

    Outrageous. Let’s say that, for the sake of argument, the ‘bean bag’ shotgun should have been used two or three and not five rounds or that the suspect should have been babied a bit more (because in days of old this sucker would have been shot!), the use of a Federal indictment on Civil Rights violations is like trying to club an ant with a bunker buster. What a waste, how further wrong can it be and why are these types of excessive use of Federal prosecution occurring while Holder himself should be indicted as a co-conspirator in the Terry murder?
    Law enforcement and society, always a bit tenuous. As someone told me, if you wanted to be liked you should have joined the fire department. Well, divide and conquer. We are seeing a wedge between law enforcement and societies support of law enforcement driven deeper and deeper but it is not because of how cops are behaving “but” how the media and politically and ideologically motivated prosecutors are portraying such incidents. Citizens have no idea of what something like this arrest entails. They are often either too busy or indifferent to educate themselves and they are “taking the word of left leaning media” when it comes to such occurrences. If the enemies of our Constitutional Democracy ‘and’ Freedoms continue separating citizens from cops they will get an enhanced “we, they” atmosphere that won’t bode well for community or societal peace. That is what they wish to do… sort of a ‘Helter Skelter’ conflict when we need to band together and confront the forces wishing to destroy America. These officers are fodder for the mill of discontent and conspiracy and few will realize how they are being manipulated!
    I have forwarded this site and several others to law abiding friends who support law enforcement “and” understand by study and involvement the great difficulties police officers encounter day to day. I mourn this situation, this is an abuse of Federal law but we need to comprehend it is but the tip of a socialistic bordering on fascist iceberg that may well rip asunder the hull of our Ship of State. When these men win this case it will be on the last page of some paper. It needs to be front and center and used as another example of why we need drastic changes in leadership. Hang tough folks.

  • Dear Mr. Martin, I am so concerned about these four Policemen and their families. I would like for FOX News and others in the news to get a hold of this situation. If nearly a half million can be raised for a Bus Monitor who was abused, then why can’t this go nation wide and money be raised for these policemen and their families. If more citizens knew about this, they would help. I let a friend read this letter and he gave me $20 on the spot to add to what I am sending. Please get this on the national news so more money can be raised.
    Thank you for your concerns for these men.
    Sincerely, O. Stiles

  • Mike B:

    Please be careful giving through organizations you don’t know about. Rachel Plymale and the Legal Defense fund spends 67% of what you send them on fundraising and almost another 20% on admin expenses. Only a very small portion of the funds you send gets used for the families and/or their defense. While the stories may be tragic, please contact a local organization that will make sure the money you give will be used for defense and not for the organization. check org out at charitynavigator dot org

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