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freedomThe Threat To Your freedom And Mine

Where is the largest armed force in the world?  What’s freedom mean to you and to me?

Do you know why the primary threat to your freedom comes from inside the U.S.A.?  From the libs who continue to undermine the Constitution, to try and refute the fact it’s the quintessential governmental document ever written, to make you believe it’s a living breathing document that should be changed with the whim of a people grown lethargic and complacent.  It’s because of the largest armed force in the world, that’s why.  It’s the reason the empire of Japan didn’t invade the United States after their spectacular victory at Pearl Harbor. The reason you didn’t loose your freedom 65 years ago.

The largest armed force in the world is the American hunter and shooting enthusiast.  My wife, son, brother and I attended a gun show this weekend on the California coast, and it was a sight to see, with thousands roaming the aisles.  Freedom in America, at it’s very best.  There is no question in my mind that, even in California, the land of fruits and nuts, should an invading force somehow present itself, any community of 10,000 could muster an army of 2,000 almost as quickly as the call could go out.  Yes, it would be a guerilla force, as no automatic weapons are sold legally in the United States,  But that many bolt action, semi-automatic, or even hand guns would be a formidable force, particularly when you combined it with the fact a good number of those men and women are hunters, skilled in the woods.  The freedom to own firearms, the freedom to defend yourself and your family, was at work in that gun show.

So the attacks on the 1st and 2nd Amendment continue relentlessly.  Obama continues to try and control the internet, an individual, hand-held in many instances, communication system available to the man in the street, as was recently proven in Tunisia, Eygypt, Yemen, and Jordan.  Why, I wonder, would a president of the United States of America fear his own people’s ability to communicate?  Doesn’t it make you wonder?  A gaggle of congressmen and women and senators continue to go after your gun rights as they fear that “largest armed forec” just as Obama fears your ability to communicate, to almost instantly let your fellow Americans know exactly what’s going on in Washington D.C.   When a government fears it’s own people, then wouldn’t you suspect they have something to hide?  Something to fear?  They fear your freedom.

America, don’t let them curtail the smallest right you have, much less your right of free speech and to defend yourself and your family.  Remember that simple but ever so important fact, power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.  It’s a history lesson that’s been taught over and over again.  And if you don’t learn from history, you’re bound to repeat it.  Freedom, is history’s greatest legacy to America.

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