It’s Okay to Say Merry Christmas….

From American Family Association:

First Christmas victory of the season – company reverses course from last yearOctober 5, 2011


Dear Larry,


Remember the Texas businessman who decorated a 9-foot-tall tree last Christmas in the lobby of a JP Morgan Chase Bank branch as a favor to the manager?

The branch manager was quickly told by the bank that the tree had to go, and it was removed.

Under pressure from AFA supporters, the bank conceded and allowed the tree to be placed back in the branch, but said it made an exception in this case only. Still, Chase said it would not be changing a company policy prohibiting local branches from displaying Christmas trees in their lobbies.

AFA continued to contact Chase through 2011, asking it to revise its policy. It paid off!

In an internal document to branch managers, obtained by AFA, Chase has changed its policy for 2011 and will now allow branch banks to display Christmas trees in their lobbies.


“Trees and menorahs will arrive the week of November 21 and can be displayed as soon as you receive them.” – JP Morgan Chase Bank internal memo – September, 26, 2011


Friends, we are slowly winning the “War on Christmas,” but the work is not finished. We must continue to show retailers and national companies that, “It’s OK to say Merry Christmas.”

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