Look Ma, I Passed a Law!

Look, Ma, I Passed a law….

by L. J. Martin


lawIn a state already broke, already burdened with regulations driving businesses out, the California legislature saw fit to pass over 700 new laws in 2011.  And, as usual, to pass them with little or no regard for the Constitution of the United States of America, or for the economic effect on a state already bankrupt, or for just plain old common sense.

It’s now a misdemeanor, a new law, to carry an unloaded weapon, in plain view, in California.  Folks seem to be offended by those other folks exercising their Second Amendment rights coming and going from gun shows.  Oops, they again forgot to read the Constitution.

Now your six or seven year old child will have to ride in a car seat if under 4’9” in height because some stilted, stinted study said that children under 4’9” have a 59% greater chance of being injured in an accident…without regard to the fact that adults have the same chance, or that those children injured probably wore no seatbelts, as did (or didn’t) their parents during those same accidents. And those ignorant, inane, ineffective laws go on and on and on 700 strong.

I think it a good thing that fishermen are outlawed from taking only the fins of sharks, a new law, however I’m sure there are already a half-dozen laws on the books that would cover the cruelty of slicing the fin off a live shark and returning it to the water to die.  But then are sharks part of the animal world and subject to the laws against cruelty to animals?  Let’s see, if I remember my biology it’s plants and animals?  Of course existing laws are not taken into consideration by a legislature intent on impressing the homefolk with the fact they are doing something…anything…to justify those fat salaries.  Of course this is the same legislature who wouldn’t pause for three minutes to offer respect for Ronald Reagan’s birthday but had mariachi bands on the steps of every public building, and parades waving Mexican flags, to celebrate Mexican Independence.

I’m continually amazed at the reports in the newspaper: Driver in one car roll-over accident killed.  Not wearing a seatbelt.  Those are the same parents whose children are injured or killed, children injured or killed by their parent’s stupidity.

And you know what, you can’t legislate against stupidity, if so it would already be outlawed.  If so, most legislatures would be legislated out of existence.

It’s time to get our legislatures to spend half their time removing laws rather than trying to justify their existence by passing inane restrictions on all of us, and upon our economy.  And maybe even before they take office, its time to implement I.Q. tests before they’re sworn in…now that’s a law I can support.

L. J. Martin is the author of the conservative blog http://fromthepeapatch.com and of 30 book length works.  He’s published in dozens of national periodicals.  For more see www.ljmartin.com.

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