The 14th Needs An Overhaul :- The 14th Amendment.

The 14th

The 14th Amendment

Amendments come and amendments go, and at least a portion of The 14th Amendment should go.

There is no one in this country more supportive of the Constitution as originally written than am I, yet how could our forefathers have foreseen a time when a pregnant woman in far away China, could wish her child born an American citizen, and satisfy that wish by buying an airline ticket and arriving on America’s shores two weeks prior to the scheduled birth of that child.  And remember, the Constitution was written and conceived long before the last few amendments thereto.

The 14th Amendment was not adopted until almost one hundred years after the original document was penned.  And even so, it was still the time of steamships, not airlines.

It states:

“All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside.”

The above is merely it’s first sentence.  The Amendment goes on to deal with other issues, but this seems the most contentious at this point and time in our history.

In the past week, in San Gabriel, California, a “maternity center” was shut down.  It was a home, where Chinese mothers could arrive, remain, and give birth to their children in the United States, thus streamlining their citizenship.  Anchor babies, as they’ve come to be known.  Of course, this service was offered at the cost of many thousands of dollars to the hopeful mothers.  The 14th Amendment has become a lucrative business.

Most of these mothers are lured here under the false assumption that they, too, can become citizens if their child possesses birthright citizenship, and many stay under that assumption.  Our enforcement of illegal alien expulsion, or lack thereof, makes it unlikely they’ll ever be deported, therefore their assumption may not be so false.  Risky, but not false.

The home was shut down for building violations, not immigration violations.  I’m sure it’s open again, in another nearby facility, without fear of such mundane factors interfering with it’s very profitable operation.

It’s time to correct this johnnie-come-lately amendment.  Amendments have come and gone in our history, and it’s time for at least this provision of this one to fly into the annals of history.

The portion of The 14th Amendment dealing with birth on American soil being the only criteria for citizenship is archaic and outdated and should go.

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