The States are waking up!

What is it about “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people,”  the 10th Amendment to the Constitution, that Congress and the Administration don’t understand?

That’s pretty damn clear to me.  And it doesn’t say we must abide by all or any of the laws passed subsequent to the Constitution that Congress decides to ladle upon us that do not comply with that guideline of government, that holy grail of America and American progress and success.  States are finally waking up to the fact they have rights, and since most of them are broke, and the Fed is broke, it’s more and more difficult for the Fed to buy their love and loyalty by returning their own money to them.  It’s an interesting time in which we live. Hopefully is a reawakening of self reliance, independence, freedom, individual responsibility.

This from Personal Liberty Alerts:

Nullification, the idea that States don’t have to follow laws that are unConstitutional, is a growing movement in the United States. Legislators in as many as 11 or 12 states have either introduced nullification measures or plan to once their State legislatures are in session.

Many of these states are among the 25 that have sued the Federal government over the mandates in Obamacare — the unConstitutional and farcical legislation that would require Americans to purchase healthcare insurance whether they want it or not.

Now the zombie talking heads and pundits in the mainstream media are using lies and tired arguments to try and “educate” the populace that nullification is a losing proposition. (Watch the video to see a response to the zombies and their mindless questions.) Their points? The Federal government is supreme. Nullification equals racism. Nullification equals slavery. Only Neo-Confederates would get behind such a thing. Say it enough and the sheeple will believe it… and comply.

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