You Can’t Depend Upon Politicians….

Buying Elections?  Not in America!

I trust our current Supreme Court to make rulings they think correct, even though I may disagree and may not understand the fine points of the law, in particular the ruling regarding contributions to political campaigns.  I’ve long understood that corporations were considered to be “individuals” under the law, and as such would be treated the same, i.e. being able to file bankruptcy, being able to “stand alone” and not be penetrated so, other than fraud, officers, board members, and shareholders could not be held liable for the acts of the corporation.  All that is well and good and has great merit in a free enterprise economy where folks are willing to risk, but don’t want to risk all, in a speculative venture.

That said, and the ruling accepted, we need to do something about political donations and need to get the stigma of “buying elections” out of the process.  If it takes a new law, so be it, if it takes a Constitutional Amendment, so be it.  It’s that important.

But it’s WE THE PEOPLE who must accomplish this.  We certainly can’t depend upon politicians to do so.  It has to be a groundswell of citizens across this great country, a groundswell Washington D.C. cannot ignore. just released this article:

On the cusp of the Iowa caucuses, well-funded so-called super PACs are using the political clout given to them by the nation’s highest court in an unprecedented tour de financial force.

Data collected by the Center for Responsive Politics indicates 264 super PACs have raised more than $32 million and spent almost $16 million in the 2012 election cycle thus far, The Hill reports. The lion’s share of the money those groups have spent has targeted former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, according to The Hill. The impact in Iowa is clear: Iowa voters are being reminded repeatedly about Gingrich’s ties to Freddie Mac, his divorces, and his lengthy Capitol Hill career.

“This is politics” former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney said last week when he reacted to calls for him to condemn attack ads run by the group Restore Our Future.

The Huffington Post points out that those were part of a $3.3 million negative ad campaign waged by the group against Gingrich.

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