230,000 New Employees for the EPA. What’s Lisa Jackson smoking?

Lisa Jackson, beating the drum for the further destruction of the country.

Whose bandwagon are government leaders climbing aboard?

It’s sure not the one destined to save the country.  So it must be the one setting out to destroy the country.

Lisa Jackson

The EPA, under the leadership of Lisa Jackson, asked for 21 billion in additional funding in order to hire 230,000 new employees to help in the fight against air pollution.  Do you think any of the teachers, the professional politicians, or the attorneys on the so-called “super committee” bothered to give Lisa a call and mention that they were supposed to be cutting costs?

Have I mentioned the Peter Principal before?  Or the fact that a job expands to fill the hours allotted to it?  Lisa Jackson, you’re the perfect example of “power corrupts.”

Folks, we’re never going to solve this mess we’re in until we TTBO.  Throw the bums out.  Our whole concept of federal government is going to have to change.  Let’s see, how about going back to the Constitution and what made this country great in the first place?  We’re being over-regulated, over controlled, sucked dry, by the federal government, and Lisa Jackson is the prime example..

And it has to stop.

We have to get the bureaucrats out of government.  And, yes, I know, that’s a bit of an oxymoron.  However, the person selected to head any agency of the government should have one job experience criteria.  No former governmental employment.  They should come from the private sector, for a successful career in running a business.  Here’s Lisa Jackson‘s background, compliments of Wikipedia:

Lisa Jackson had not grown up as an outdoors person, but became interested in matters environmental following the national and international coverage of the Love Canal Disaster.[4] She worked for a year and a half at Clean Sites, a nonprofit that tried to accelerate cleanup of toxic sites.[4]

Then Jackson joined the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) at its headquarters in Washington, D.C., working as a staff-level engineer.[4] She then moved to its regional office in New York City. During her tenure at EPA, Jackson worked in the federalSuperfund site remediation program, developing numerous hazardous waste cleanup regulations, overseeing hazardous waste cleanup projects throughout central New Jersey, and directing multimillion-dollar cleanup operations. Lisa Jackson later served as deputy director and acting director of the region’s enforcement division.[3]

After 16 years with EPA, Jackson joined the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) in March 2002 as assistant commissioner of compliance and enforcement. She served as the assistant commissioner for land use management during 2005. Jackson headed numerous programs, including land use regulation, water supply, geological survey, water monitoring and standards, and watershed management. She focused on developing a system of incentives for stimulating what was in her opinion the right growth in the right places. Under her leadership, the state Department of Environmental Protection developed regulatory standards for implementing the landmark Highlands Water Protection and Planning Act.


So, you see, Lisa Jackson is and always has been a bureaucrat, just like 92% of Obamas other cabinet members and agency appointees.  She’s never had to turn a profit in her life.  Nice education, nice background in public employment.  But no reality.  Lisa is the perfect example of Martin’s Law of Diminishing Returns.

It’s got to stop.  Everyone in government had better begin to look at the bigger picture.  Lisa Jackson, that includes you.

Lisa Jackson, wake up.



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