A Hand Out?

The Hand Out

By L. J. Martin

Just like you and I as individuals, America’s large corporations, medium size businesses, and small businessmen and women…beggars and billionaires…want that hand-out from government to be one offered in friendship, not one offering a bribe for votes. We’re sick of it and it has to change.

Americans are still proud, no matter how much the government has tried to destroy that pride with undeserved home loans, with no-pay-back college loans, with school, highway, and the thousands of other “grants” which they expect us to believe are largess from the federal government when in fact it’s stealing from one group of Americans to give to another. Never, never, never forget that government cannot give to one without taking from another. Government is not a source of wealth, but rather a harvester of wealth, and only returns some small percentage in the form of bribes so they can continue to receive more. In that, Rick Perry was right, it’s a Ponzi scheme and has been since Social Security became a pot to dip into, rather than an investment fund, and it applies to all segments of the fed. And I don’t necessarily mean they take from the rich to bribe the poor, as they take taxes from one corporation, and because of our jumbled and discombobulating tax code, give to another in the form of tax relief. Look at farm subsidies as an example.

Herman Cain is on exactly the right path. Shuck the old tax code, the five-foot high stack of unfairness and unreasonableness, and install a code that is fair, equal, and equitable across the board. Put all individuals and corporations on an equal footing. His 9/9/9 plan reflects the brilliance that comes from your knowledge being filtered through many years of trying to survive in a small business. He’s been there.

Confidence in government offering a hand in friendship is all American business is awaiting. Offer it and jobs will flow back stateside, and stateside companies will open their coffers and invest, and jobs will follow.

When Cain sticks his hand out, and looks you straight in the eye, it’s here’s a hand you can count on, not a hand out, but a hand up, because you can believe I’m going to run a government that is ON YOUR SIDE.

We only want the federal government to be our friend, not our mother; friend to all of us, big and small.  After all, that’s why we put our faith and future in their hands.



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