Alice In Friggin’ Wonderland….

Was it down the rabbit hole, or down a rat hole?

Interesting reading in my local paper here on the California coast.  1st article: County of Ventura to have 7 million dollar shortfall next year.  2nd article: City of Ventura to loan 850 thousand to local card room.  Article in WSJ written by two Stanford professors: Since 1980 the population of California has increased 10 million yet tax return filings only up by 150 thousand, Medicaid applicants up by 7 million, prison population up 120 thousand.

Now if you want to get real technical, and presume 4 per family, 150 thousand heads of households represent 600 thousand of the 10 million population, so it’s not quite as bad as it might seem, only 9 million 4 hundred thousand unaccounted for.  Do you suppose some of those are the supposed 400 thousand living in garages in Los Angeles?  Do you suppose the real population increase is 15 or 20 million?  There’s no question in my mind that when a representative of the federal government (a census taker) comes calling all those illegals come running to be counted…or maybe they run the other way, shouting “migra, migra.”

At least the increase in tax returns filed exceeded the numbers incarcerated for the period.

Is that a sad frigging state of affairs or what?

The county faces a seven million dollar shortfall yet the city sees fit to engage in private enterprise and loan a card room almost a million.  I’d say that would probably work out about as well as the federal government loaning Solyndra a half billion…however gambling is probably a better bet than solar.

The fact is, government has no business in the loan business, or any other business other than roads, police, fire, building permit (took me 2.8 years to get a permit) and planning, garbage, and water if absolutely necessary.

If reading the newspapers doesn’t entertain you, you obviously didn’t enjoy Alice in Wonderland.  I know one way for the counties and cities to turn a profit, charge about 7 bucks for a ticket to city council and county supervisor meetings…obviously they’re more entertaining than the movies.

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