Am I An Anomaly?

Am I An Anomaly?

The sniveling liberal media has absolutely pounced upon Romney’s surepticiously recorded comments wherein he states that 47% of the country is dependent upon government as if it’s a surprise that he would understand that fact. That FACT!

Does it come as a shock to you?  It doesn’t to me.

When 47% of potential voters don’t pay any income tax, who do these commentators think pay their way?  Who provides the national defense, the interstate highway system, and yes, a plethora of federal give-away programs including food stamps?  Where’s the basic understanding that government cannot give to one citizen without taking from another?

So we’re supposed to believe that they are NOT dependent upon government? That they don’t have their hand out, palm up; that they don’t sit in the nest with their mouth open like fledgling sparrows awaiting government to drop a worm in their mouths?

How stupid do national liberal commentators (95% of all commentators) think we are?  Pretty damn stupid if they think we don’t know that we’re about to be overwhelmed by the tit sucking minority about to become a majority in this county.  And that, ladies and gentlemen is not the beginning of the end, it’s the end of the end.

Yes, Romney recognizes the problem, and yes, he wants to solve it by giving the 47% the opportunity to regain some self-reliance, some self-respect, some self-worth.

And we’re supposed to believe that’s a bad thing?


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