America’s New Aristocrats!

Oh, If Only The Sword Could Slip

by L. J. Martin


Who are the real American “Aristocrats?”

Let’s see, the aristocrats of Europe were, and still are, born into that illustrious position.  They didn’t earn a spot as a Sir Somebody or a Duke Somebody or a Prince Somebody, they were born there.  It’s a pure accident of birth.

Now, no one in America is knighted, or becomes a marquis, an earl, the Prince Regent, or King or Queen, although it seems Congress has tried very hard to become the Aristocrats of America.  And we all know that our current president thinks he’s only a step away from monarchy…and unfortunately he may be if we don’t awaken.  Thank God neither Congress nor the president has yet accomplished that goal.

So, if it’s an accident of birth that makes you an aristocrat, entitled as so many in this country seem to think they are…entitled…the benefactors of entitlements, then who are our aristocrats, or at least who act as if they are?

How about the Occupy folks?

They seem to think that merely because they were born in the United States, they are entitled.  They’re entitled to handouts from the government, they’re entitled to have the government take what’s yours and mine and redistribute it, they’re entitled to sleep in public places and fornicate and defecate on the lawns of public parks and yes, private property.

How about a goodly number of the welfare folks?

They don’t have to work, they don’t have to take drug tests, they don’t have to stop having welfare babies, they just keep it up and we pay for it. They think they are entitled, because of their accident of birth.  They weren’t born with the will to work…I guess that’s an accident of birth of a sort.

And most of us were subject to the same accident of birth—being privileged to have been born in the United States of America.  However half of us seem to recognize it as a privilege, not an entitlement.

So who are America’s Aristocrats?

Those who take because of an accident of birth, and think it their birthright, think it entitles them to something other than an opportunity to make something of themselves—they are America’s new breed of aristocrats.  They now laugh at us and say, “let us eat cake while you pay for it.”  And we do.

And how about the illegal aliens?

Their accident of birth was being born somewhere else.  However, they didn’t seem to let that interfere with joining hand in hand with those who think entitlement is bestowed upon them.  The illegals were crowned into the aristocracy by merely jumping a fence or swimming the Rio Grand.  At least they’ve worked somewhat to join those in line for the handouts.  They don’t let it interfere because we don’t interfere.

When are we going to stop calling welfare entitlement?  When you don’t earn something, and it’s given to you, it’s welfare, not entitlement.

When are we going to wise up?  About half of us realize the privilege of birth, we taxpayers who are proud to be able to pay taxes.  A growing number of the rest of us are now entitled to take advantage of those who pay.  They think they are the knights, the earls, the dukes, of our time.  I’d like to have them bow down to be knighted, and see the sword slip.  Oops…one less aristocrat.

Yes, that particular brand of aristocrat, in my opinion, is an accident of birth, only they must be born from an orifice about an inch lower than those of us who thank God for the opportunities this country has offered us, not the handouts.  I wish we could shovel them away with the rest of the dregs.  However the only way to convince them that opportunity has nothing to do with so called entitlement, is to vote for those who will stop poisoning them with handouts.  In terms of pride, something free is worth exactly what it costs.  How much common sense does it take to realize that a handout is not a hand-up.  Hard work makes a man, hand out palm up, forsakes a man.

And I’m not talking about the legitimately unemployed, but rather those who have no desire to be employed.  I’m not talking about those unable to provide for themselves, rather those unwilling to provide for themselves.

We’ve got to stop giving them fish and teach them to fish, but it seems in this day and age, a man has no desire to learn to fish unless he’s hungry.  And if we give them a fish, call it what it is, WELFARE.  A few of them still have some pride, and will rise above.

As it is, you and I are the serfs.

L. J. Martin is the author of the conservative blog  He is also the author of 30 book length works.  Learn more at  He lives in Montana with his wife, who’s a writer.

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