An excellent response….

An excellent response to my comments regarding Obama’s forgiving Egypt’s debt, and squandering even more money there…

Excellent! Historical truth which we’ve all experienced. The Liberals in our country of Opportunity, most of whom have inherited wealth but very little common sense and who have frittered away most of what they have not earned have developed a totally falacious sense of entitlement and a power driven sense of political expression which is not confirmed by result or reality need to be ‘relieved’ of the reins of control. The truth is, they don’t really care and that truth is demonstrated clearly by the actions which you, L.J, have described in detail. I agree completely, it’s time to TTBO (throw the bums out). It’s time to accept the responsibilities which our Founding Fathers in their wisdom assigned to ‘We the People’ to monitor and excercise the power which they gave us with the VOTE and freedom of expression.

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