Are Our Best And Brightest In Government…what did they used to call it? Service?

Here’s a perfect example of why Ronald Reagan said something to the effect that the best people are not in government, because if they were good private industry would have hired them away.

In yesterdays local paper, here in Ventura, CA, was an article about a local state park having to close because the state doesn’t have a half million to improve a sewer line. On the face of it you’d think, too bad, so sad, life will go on. The article goes on to state how important this park is to the local economy as it gets 650,000 visitors a year. And that this park will most likely have to remain closed for many years. By the way, this is an ocean front park on property worth many, many millions of dollars.

Journalists, by far the largest percentage of whom are liberals, write these articles without having any concept of how stupid they are perceived as being, and how stupid they make state and local politicians appear…of course both of those perceptions may be for good reason. To be fair, most of them took classes from liberal professors and went right into a job where they received a paycheck at the end of every month, and never had to make a payroll themselves or never had to have a real “free enterprise” idea. I swear to God I believe that every American should have to run a hot dog stand for three years before they can get a job in government. That would solve a lot of our problems, as that education would be far better than they got in college learning about American business from a professor who came out of college right into a job where he got a check every month.

Let’s see, now, if my math is right, if you collected $.77 from every visitor, you’d have the $500,000 necessary to fix the sewer line. Duh. And that could go on for several years. Were I a few years younger, I think I’d go to the state and suggest that since these parks are such a public service, why don’t they give me a long term lease on them for about a dollar a year, and I’ll fix them up. Of course, being the kind of American that made this country the greatest economic success in the history of mankind, I would be compelled to charge, let’s see, maybe $2.50 per head to cover the sewer, my operating costs, and give me a modest profit for being a good American.

The local economy would benefit, there would be a few folks with jobs, I’d have to pay a hell of a lot of taxes to help continue to pay the salaries of the dumbos currently in state and local government, and a lot of campers would be really happy to have a place to visit with their family, and in the case of McGrath State Park, another several hundred thousand of their friends.

But that’s just a simple private enterprise solution, and way to confusing for government employees.

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