California is a Liberal madhouse.

And they are about to make you join their circus.

Looking at California with its endless Propositions, “green” activism, yawing celebrities, powerful unions and issues like Proposition 8—it’s easy to view the Left Coast from a distance with a raised eyebrow and often maybe even a slight smirk, glad that we’re not “them.”

But take note, all Americans are about to be caught up in the crisis of California because we have something they need: MONEY.

By the end of this year, the California budget deficit will be $40 billion dollars, or more than one quarter of their entire general fund.

That’s astounding. But brace yourself, because they are going to want US to pay for their bad decisions.

Now that Jerry Brown has been elected governor, it’s a good bet he will be knocking on America’s door for help.

I ask you to join me today in saying, “I will not pay for California’s mistakes.” Let’s fax Congress and ask them to pledge NO BAILOUTS for California—or any other state.

What’s baffling about this situation is that Californians are not happy. A recent poll reports that three quarters of residents feel their state is headed in the wrong direction!

But in the midterm elections, they re-elected every incumbent state lawmaker, and EVEN ONE WHO DIED shortly before the election.

That’s right: they not only re-elected the same short-sighted Liberals that had run them into the ground, but also one who was DECEASED! Is that not crazy? The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results. It seems to me the voters in California are either insane, or they are not paying attention.

It’s like the state is drunk, and we are the enablers. It’s time to send them into rehab and tell them to take personal responsibility for the crisis of their own making.

The federal government under Obama has become more and more intrusive, and they obviously have no problem knocking on the doors of those who have played by the rules, worked hard and made good choices in order to take care of those who have done the opposite.

Remind Obama and Congress you voted for responsibility this past election, and you will not pay for reckless, out of control government! Our federal deficit is already out of control without adding the problems of California to it!

Residents of California have consistently asked for more and more government services, without thinking about how they were going to pay for them. Now it’s time to pay the piper, but there is no one to step up and write a check: except the federal government. Which, of course, is you and me.

Paying for California is going to set a horrible precedent, and you better believe financially-strapped states like New York, Nevada and Illinois are going to stick their hands out if we bail out the West Coast.

The blame for California’s decline lies with the voters. This has resulted in 5 main problems:

1. Expensive Propositions they can’t pay for

2. 3 Million illegal immigrants who tax their resources

3. Environmental activism that destroys economic development

4. A liberal state government beholden to union demands

5. Some of the highest tax rates in the nation

Fax Congress and have them pledge not to take your money and send it to California! We can’t afford to pay for their mistakes!

You and I both know that if we were to bail them out, their bad choices wouldn’t end. It would just mean a temporary reprieve. Clearly, they show a tendency to continue business as usual. The best we can hope for, if we bail them out now, is that we will have a few years before we have to bail them out again. And again. And again.

That doesn’t sound like a good plan to me.

It sounds like California needs to change its ways. They are sick from their own doing! They suffer from the disease of liberalism, open borders and environmental zealousness. We just can’t allow it to become our problem.

What needs to occur first and foremost in Sacramento is RESPONSIBILITY and REFORM. We must demand it. And we must demand that Congress not put the guillotine around our necks, since we did nothing to deserve it.

This is not a matter of if they ask for help, but WHEN, and the next logical question is, will we hold California accountable?

I think it’s time to speak up now and have Congress pledge not to bail out California, New York, or any other state that has gotten itself into trouble with poor decisions, and that shows no effort to correct them.

It sets a bad example, and it’s certainly not fair.

For God and Country,

E. W. Jackson, Sr.

Executive Director, S.T.A.N.D.

P. S. I hope you will join me asking Congress to pledge not to bail out California or any other state who has destroyed themselves with big government. Our deficit is strangling the American taxpayer enough already without the added burden of paying for someone else’s stupidity.


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