FINALLY, a real voice out of the darkness….

The conservatives are finally making sounds as if they want to save the country.  Trillions instead of billions, and a time frame.  Now, if the American people will only join in….

This from

Katie Pavlich <>

Rep. Paul Ryan, chairman of the House Budget Committee, revealed his 2012 budget plan this week. “The Path to Prosperity,” calls for $6 trillion in cuts moving forward through the next decade, taking a look at excess defense spending, discretionary spending, repetitive government programs, ending corporate welfare and more. The most crucial part of Ryan’s plan will reform Medicare and Medicaid and bring the programs to financially stable levels.

“The current path – which the President’s irresponsible budget commits us to – will result in a debt-fueled economic crisis, the shredding of the safety net, and a diminished future. Americans deserve better than empty promises from a government going broke. The budget advanced by the House Budget Committee ensures real security through real reform.”

Madam former Speaker Pelosi responded to the release of Ryan’s budget on Twitter, saying it would force America into poverty. Pelosi failed to produce a budget during her term as House Speaker.

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