From MoveOn.Org i.e. George Soros

Here’s a taste of the daily communiqué from the George Soros funded group MoveOn.Org.  The comments in parentheses and in red are by me:

Dear MoveOn member,

Will the Arab Spring be followed by an American Autumn? It’s sure starting to look that way.

Thousands of protesters are taking to the streets—in Boston and Los Angeles, at Occupy Wall Street in New York, and in dozens of other communities across the country.

(Thousands of hippies, whiners, complainers, rabble rousers, many of whom quit their jobs to join the party, where I’m sure their lunches are paid for and the beer flows…thanks to George Soros who’s dead set to destroy America)

What do the protesters want? A solution to the jobs crisis, corporate money out of politics, fairer tax rates, and policies that work for 99% of Americans instead of the 1% at the top.1 In short, many of the things that thousands of us came together to write into the Contract for the American Dream.

(Let’s see, a solution to the job crisis, caused by the real estate crisis, caused by liberal cries for home loans to those undeserving, which crashed the real estate market which was soon followed by the job market.  And those “1% at the top.”  Well, those top 1% paid 38% of all income taxes, and the top 5% paid more than the bottom 95%)

To build on this energy, we’re organizing a huge round of speak-outs nationwide next week to deliver the simple message that we need “Jobs Not Cuts” and to “Make Wall Street Pay.” It’s part of a massive week of action to show the human impact of the economic crisis.

But we need public events in as many communities as possible to show that this is a national movement. We’ll provide everything you need to hold a successful event. Can you sign up to lead a speak-out in Clinton?

We’ll gather at district offices, bank buildings, and public squares to share stories and create memorials to the American Dream. We’ll demand Congress pass legislation that creates real jobs, and makes millionaires and corporations pay their fair share. And we’ll invite local media to attend so that we can amplify our message.

(So get ready, a bunch of George Soros backed unemployed will be getting in the way of your trying to go about your business, but that’s okay as the jobs they quit and won’t be looking for, will be available to those who want to work rather than cry and moan)

Wall Street isn’t the only place where greed is undermining the American Dream. By bringing these speak outs to as many communities as possible, we’ll help to spread and amplify the energy of the Occupy Wall Street protest across the country.

Can you sign up to lead a speak-out in Clinton?

Thanks for all you do.

I’ll speak out alright.

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