Hand out, palm up…

Storming My Pocket, And Yours!

Obama, get out of my pocket!  You’re not getting my vote no matter how much of everyone elses money (and mine) you give away!

Why is the government into “storm damage” in the first place?  Sorry, Charlie, but if you can afford a house on the Carolina coast, a beautiful oceanfront property, then you can afford insurance.  If not, you shouldn’t be there.  Why should I pay for your indulgence?  I pay for my own flood insurance.

Why should Grandma Smith who lives in a small town in Utah have to pay to rebuild for you, and that’s exactly what happens when the fed steps in and pays for folks bad judgment.  And that goes for tornados, earthquakes, etc.  What happened to self-reliance, to self-worth, to taking responsibility?  I’m sorry that we had a hurricane on the east coast, a drought in Texas, an earthquake in California, but it’s not my fault, nor is it Grandma Smiths.

The fed is continually trying to buy votes, and so-called “disaster loans” and “grants” are just that.  It’s time for us to get the fed out of our lives as it’s killing the country.  If you want to build a house in a flood plain, then expect to be flooded, and don’t expect me or some grandma on SS, who pays federal tax on her SS (thanks to Bill the meat-beater Clinton, see stains on Monica’s dress) to have to pay for someone else and their bad judgment.  It’s not right.  You want a beautiful view of the sun rising, or setting, over the ocean, then expect the same thing that’s happened for the last eon to happen again…duh!

It’s time for this country to recognize responsibility, and her citizens to accept responsibility, for their own poor judgment.  Yes, I have a house on a waterway, and yes, when I built one and remodeled another, I did so knowing the risk.  And trust me, when a problem arises I won’t call you to donate.  And no, it’s not always poor judgment, sometimes it’s just damn bad luck.

However, if the rest of you are so stupid to allow the fed to give away your money to someone stupid enough to tempt fate, or even to have bad luck, then I’ll stick my hand out as well…but I’ll be laughing at you, and unfortunately, at myself.

Of course we are our brother’s keeper, but not via the federal government.  Disaster relief should be via organizations like the Red Cross, and yes, federal facilities such as the military should be utilized when local assets are not enough, i.e. helicopters and aircraft, trucks and even troops, but money…no, it’s too tempting for politicians to grease the palms of those who’ve contributed, or to merely buy votes with their largess.

Hard work makes a man; hand out, palm up, forsakes a man.

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