Herman “T.R” Cain

I’ve been enjoying the clamor of the liberal press over Herman Cain


I’ve been enjoying the clamor of the liberal press over Cain’s predominance in the polls, and particularly all the musing about what a poor politician he is.  Don’t the clamoring commentators realize how refreshing that is to those of us who’ve sat by while the real, smooth (read slimy) politicians who are so practiced at running back to their team and asking “What do I say about that…what do the polls say I should say no matter what I think or mean?”

Isn’t it refreshing…what a poor politician is Herman Cain.  Yes, he handled his first great anti-Cain political challenge badly, from a political perspective.  Bubba Clinton would have looked you right in the eye and said, “What’s sexual harassment?”  Or more likely, “What’s sex?  A hummer is not sex.  My inserting my cigar in that woman certainly was not sex…it was a urological study.”  Then he would have continued to piss down your neck and tell you it was raining, as all of our politicians have done for the past few years while destroying the country with a toothy political grin on hypocritical faces.

Do you get the impression I don’t give a damn if Cain’s a poor politician?  Well, that’s not even the half of it.  I not only don’t give a damn, I relish in the thought of having someone in office who’s first thought is “Does that make common sense?” or “The American people can stand the truth.”  As any real business person would do.  As any real truthful person would do.  Let’s see: truthful person/politician…oxymoron.

While the liberal press condemn Cain for being a poor politician, the rest of us feel a breath of fresh air wafting over us and that fresh air is the pure oxygen of TRUTH.  How refreshing to actually feel like a politician is telling it like it is, without equivocation.

Keep stumbling along, Herman Cain, and I hope you stumble right into the presidency.  And I pray you never become an accomplished politician.  In many ways, Herman Cain reminds me of one of my heroes, Teddy Roosevelt: Herman T.R. Cain

Herman T. R. Cain, my man…partially because he’s NOT a professional politician.

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  • Everyone flirts. !!!! I don’t care if Cain did Monaca ??? He could run a country better than O bomb a !
    Flirting is not harassment. !!! And just think we didnt impeach Clinton, what does that tell you about the
    Democraps. What about the press protecting ole Barny Frank. !!! Go think.

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