I’m not alone….

These are a couple of the responses to my post of yesterday, and I think reflect the thoughts of most the hard working folks who’ve helped make this country great:

First response:

JL jr.: well, enough is enough, i am tired of slaving my life away and not being able to bring home enough while other sit on their asses collecting more in handouts than i make in a month. i for one am sick of people being able to eat good and drive new cars all on the sweat of my back while i barely scratch out a survival!

That is the reason people on welfare wont work, welfare pays far more than most jobs. i know of people in perfect health that do not work because the government hand them out more than they can make working. wanna fix that? i say give them no more than minimum wage or a bit less than what a minimum wage paying job would give them each month AFTER taxes of course, then i bet those lazy bums will get off their asses and off the government tit! alot more people around here would sure as hell get out and find work if they did not get so much in government handouts each month!

Second response:

Mr Martin and Mr L You are 100% right. I was in supervision for over 35 years prior to my retirement in the meat industry. We started people out at 50 cents over minimum with the chance of a 25 to 50 cent raise in 2 weeks plus a lot of overtime if they wanted it. They could work up within a year and be grossing$800 per week. We still had close to a 90% turn over of new hires. Most reason given because they could work at fast food joints and collect enough hand outs and they would not have to work hard. It really irked me to see people at the check out buying food better then we felt we could afford and paying with food stamps, T-bone steaks, tv dinners, etc. They should only be able to buy staples on food stamps not eat better then the people helping support them.

Thank You Mr.Martin for the job You do!

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