Let’s Destroy Success :- Foxconn.



FoxConn is the Chinese company who builds much of the electronics in the world.  They employ over one million folks, including in many in their factories in the U.S.  Foxconn’s largest factory worldwide is in LonghuaShenzhen, China, and they are under attack by the American press, including the NYT.

I find it interesting that Foxconn in China is the subject of the liberal newscasters attention.  Apple, having far more cash on hand than the United States Government, and being the most successful free enterprise example in the free world, must be culperts.  After all, aren’t they at the top of the 1% heap?  After all, aren’t evil Americans who want to buy all those products made for Apple by FoxConn, and consequently provide all those terrible job as a result, at fault for the terrible conditions at FoxConn.  FoxConn, who calls their factory a campus and who has gyms, and cafeterias, and even hospitals on site for their employees, must be as evil as Apple and we greedy Americans?

FoxConn has 400,000 employees in one city, mostly in one complex, and the news shows shots of the interior of a foxconn plant—immaculately clean, smiling employees.  Yes, a documentary producer stood outside their plant and interviewed employees as they left, and yes, he found a number who were very young…to young to be working from an American standpoint.  However, a century ago, Americans of the same age, and younger, would have been working twelve hours a day deep in a coal mine.

China, economically, is America one hundred or more years ago (remember 100 years ago when we had no national debt) .  However, China of today has far better working conditions than America one hundred years ago.  And why do you think there are Chinese lying about their age in order to get those foxconn jobs?  Because they are the best jobs many Chinese can possibly get, that’s why.  If not working at FoxConn, they’d be ten years old working twelve hours at stoop labor in a rice field.  I was twelve when I got my first job, cleaning war surplus crockery for a war surplus outlet.  I couldn’t get a job in the fields until I was sixteen, and did.  I would much have preferred wearing a spotless white frock working in a Foxconn plant.

And yes, they had eighteen suicides in 2010 among 400,000 FoxConn employees.  That’s 4.5 per 100,000 employees in case you need help with your math.  In 2011 the United States was No. 41 among the world’s countries in suicide with 23.9 suicides per 100,000 population.  China was No. 10 with 22.23 suicides per 100,000 population.  FoxConn, as a country, would have ranked between No. 72 and 73.  Far better than the U.S. and far better than China as a whole.

So, as usual, the American press is apologizing for America…which I guess is the hip thing to do, since we have an apologist for a president.

I had to wait until I was sixteen to get a job paying a buck and a quarter an hour, and that was hoeing weeds out from under grape vines among the yellow jackets and rattlesnakes in one hundred ten degree heat, working alongside winos and reprobates, and I was glad to have it.  Maybe that’s the difference between my generation and the present “occupy” generation?  Would I have loved to have a Foxconn job?

I couldn’t get a job in the fields until I was sixteen, and did.  I would much have preferred wearing a spotless white frock working in a Foxconn plant.

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