Let’s See, Is ExxonMobile To Blame?

Let’s see, with less than one percent of worldwide reserves, could Exxon really be to blame for our gasoline prices?  Or could the President’s Muslim friends?  We don’t ask Iraq for some participation in the cost of bringing democracy to them, yet they have 15 times the reserves of ExxonMobile?  But the democrats cry out for more corporate taxes while American corporations are already taxed at the world’s highest rate.  Rather than rip off our own corporations, and drive them out of the country, how about asking Saudi, whose asses we saved from Saddam Hussein, or ditto Kuwait, who has 12 times the reserves of ExxonMobile.

Who in the hell is supposedly in charge of our foreign policy?  It couldn’t be the Obama administration could it.  President Obama, a bow to the King of Saudi Arabia does not solve our oil problem.  How about telling him the next time a despot is knocking on his door, we let him answer rather than American boys and girls.  America has got to start understanding her worth to the world.  She’s got to get for what she gives.  How can we look an American mother in the eye, who’s lost a boy or girl to some foreign war to now pay $5 or $6 a gallon for her gasoline.  There’s got to be something more tangible in return.  Egypt is a prime example of our trying to bring democracy to a people who stem from tribal systems which carry grudges for two thousand years.  Mubarak is gone, and Muslims are killing Christians, and most likely so-called Christians are killing Muslims.  When are we going to awaken.

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