More Wisdom From The Kitchen… Neil Kitchen

Money, simply defined

Is what we use to buy things

More refined,

It once showed the value of what our work brings.

For years our dollar held its value well

Until politicians came to play

Sound fiscal policy went to hell

As they pissed the value of our currency away.

The dollar our treasury now prints

Called fiat money

Is tomorrow not worth sixty cents

Our creditors do not find this funny.

Stacked one atop the other, like cards

Each the thickness of a dollar bill

20 billion dollars, expressed in yards

Extends 1,746 high, plus more still.

Consider our national debt

A 4.7 trillion dollar blow

A disgrace politicians abet

Spending beyond what we already owe.

4.7 million billion

Is a staggering national debt

Beyond 4.7 trillion

Is a national security threat.

It is time to stop spending

Trillions not billions must be cut

Or our children will suffer an unending

Debt-filled financial rut.

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