Oh, You Admire Europe, Do You?

I’ve related this story before, but in relation to the very astute Dick Morris video below, it’s worth telling again.  Kat, my wife, and I were in Italy doing some research for a book, and stayed with a prosperous and intelligent couple (renting an apartment on their estate) and happened to go to supper with them and their university age son.  His mother posed the question to him, “Wouldn’t you like to work in America?”  His answer, “Oh, my God, no…they can fire you in America.”  When questioning the family more, I found that it’s almost impossible to fire an employee in Italy.  So I posed the question, “So, if you’re fired, can you get another job.”  Answer:  “It’s very, very hard to get another job…you may never get one.”  I’ve never been out of work in America for more than a week.  Unlike this coward in Colorado who killed all those folks in the movie, I didn’t merely send out my resume and wait for employers to call, I went out and pounded on doors.  I took the first job offered, and if it really wasn’t what I wanted, I kept looking before work, on my lunch hour, and after work.  Would you rather live in a country where it was impossible to be fired, or in one where you can get a job almost anytime you want one.  And believe it or not, that’s the situation in America and has been for 90% of the time in this “down” economy.  You might not be able to get the job you want, but you can get a job. Personally, I’ll take the good old American system anytime.

Watch this video:

Dick Morris On Obama’s Machinations

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