Planned Parenthood?

Planned Parenthood….  One of One Hundred Thousand Business’s, Or More, The Government Should Not Be In.

If Republicans don’t want abortion to be the law of land, then they should do their best to change the law.  It’s the law.  The issue here is not abortion.  The issue is reducing the deficit, reducing the shameful national debt.  Abortion is only one of many issues and reasons I often disagree with Republicans.  The founding fathers knew there were many issues that had no business in politics, thus the separation of church and state.  Would I contributed privately to planned parenthood?  Yes, I would, if it were the charity it should be.

I think there are many times when abortion is justified—I have to take a pragmatic approach to the problem—and I think over-population is the root of all evil in the U.S. and the world.  Pollution, water shortage, starvation, borders, and on and on all find their root cause in over-population.  Do I think a young woman should have to raise a baby conceived in a violent rape?  No, I don’t.  Do I think a ghetto mother should have to raise her fifth child when she couldn’t afford her first one?  No, I don’t.  Do I think abortion should be as easy as going to the doc for a flu shot, paid for by the government?  No I don’t.  And on the other side I support religion…just not in politics, although I support the morality preached by MOST religions.

The Federal government, i.e. Congress and the Administration, should take another look at the 10th Amendment to the Constitution.  And Planned Parenthood should be among about 100,000 places they should get their nose out of.

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