Poverty… My Ass.

The following article, from Cowboy Byte, doesn’t tell the half of it. 

Poverty level, as determined by the federal government is a sham.  Yes, there are those who for one reason or another CANNOT take care of themselves, and we are our brother’s keeper, but only for need, not greed, and far too many who receive are not truly needy.

When I was young I had holes in my socks and underwear, and my mother brought home meat from the small grocery store (where she worked) that was too old to sell.  The holes in the knees of my Jeans were honestly earned, not paid extra to obtain.  I still repel at the smell of old meat, and I feel rich and self-satisfied when I dig into a drawer full of underware and socks without holes.  And I’m proud to wear Jeans sans holes. 

I was a latch key kid, and amazingly, waiting for my mom to return from work didn’t hurt my brother and me, in fact it made us respect her all the more, and the example she set, and taught us lots of values as we cooked supper for her (often beans and bread with the treat of canned peaches) so she wouldn’t have to when she got home, tired and worn out from a day’s honest work.  I’ll still put my beans up against anyones; only my brother’s are better.

Until I received my small Social Security as a senior adult, I’ve never taken a dollar from the city, county, state, or fed.  That’s called personal pride and self-reliance…even though at times I wondered how the rent would be paid and where the next meal was hiding.  As a youth, we lived in county housing.  We worked, WORKED, our way out of that situation. 

Now a so-called poverty level person has two flat screen TV’s, a cell phone, and food stamps which allow them to buy t-bones and filets…none of which are old and smelly, and many trade their food stamps on the black market for cash, so they can buy cigarettes and booze.  And if kids go to bed hungry, it’s because parents don’t care that they do, or are spending their unemployment or welfare checks on something besides beans and bread.  

Want and need teaches work ethic and work ethic results in self-reliance, self-worth, and self-respect, and we’re robbing folks of that with handouts.  Hard work makes a man, hand out palm up forsakes a man.  It’s as simple as that.

Thank God for Floridians, who’ve finally come to their senses, their common-sense senses, and now require Welfare recipients to at least take a drug test to qualify.  When will the rest of the country gain some common sense?  We are destroying self-reliance and self-worth with the great vote-buying giveaways, and by doing so destroying the American dream.  WAKE UP, AMERICA!

Study: Welfare Spending Up 41% Under Obama To More Than $193 Billion Per Year, Poverty Levels Unchanged…

Posted on June 25, 2012 by Cowboy Byte

It’s almost like government welfare doesn’t lift people out of poverty.

The federal government is not making much headway reducing poverty despite spending hundreds of billions of dollars, according to a study by the libertarian Cato Institute.
Despite an unprecedented increase in federal anti-poverty spending, the national poverty rate has not declined, the study finds.

“[S]ince President Obama took office [in January 2009], federal welfare spending has increased by 41 percent, more than $193 billion per year,” the study says.

Federal welfare spending in fiscal year 2011 totaled $668 billion, spread out over 126 programs, while the poverty rate that remains high at 15.1 percent, roughly where it was in 1965, when President Johnson declared a federal War on Poverty.

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