Printing Money is taking your hide, hair, and bones a bite at a time….

Inflation, America’s Cancer

“Of all contrivances for cheating the laboring classes of mankind, none
has been more effective than that which deludes them with paper money.”
– Daniel Webster
(1782-1852), US Senator

The international community has long turned their heads and ignored America’s reckless plunge into the morass of the printing press.  Europe is not fooled, Asia is not fooled, our only hole card is that we are the world’s biggest debtor.  However, as we print money, your savings are disappearing…yes, you have a dollar for every dollar saved, but when it costs five dollars for a loaf of bread, what’s that dollar worth?  And that’s what our current administration is doing to the country by not facing the economic grave they continue to dig for all of us.  Don’t cut costs, just print more money…what the hell, it’s just paper and ink.  You,  and me, and all of us continue to stumble along fat, dumb, and happy, while our standard of living and the country’s credit continues to disappear into the quicksand of administrative disdain.  What the hell again, Congress gets their raises and we continue to buy the lies of our president in the form of books that make him rich, while he and his lady spend a half million an hour flying around in AF1.

When are we gonna wise up?

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